Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Paul looks to the future (day 37, morning)

future targetsOne of the things that Paul has done so well on Big Brother 19 so far this season is figuring out the best possible ways to name targets. He shifts the attention onto someone and then allows everyone to stew on it for a few days. This is what he did so effectively with Dominique — we know it wasn’t the greatest television to see someone persecuted for something as silly as a line of questioning during a fake talk-show, but it’s good gameplay. This is a move that Derrick did incredibly well in season 16, as it helped to unify the house and help people forget about him.

Late last night, the latest target for Paul seemed to be Elena, as he went through other people and made it clear to them just how well-insulated she was with various people in the game and how she’s a dangerous player as a result of it. He even warned her that some of her allegiances to Mark and by associated Jessica/Cody could leave her in trouble. He still doesn’t want to tell her about the plan to blindside Ramses this week, even though everyone on that side is already suspicious of it.

Does Paul still want Cody out? Absolutely, but we think what he’s doing right now is hedging his bets and recognizing some of the people who are dangerous in the long-term. Cody and Jessica together are far more threatening than anyone just because they win competitions and clearly want him gone; yet, someone like Elena could easily go far and win the game because she’s liked by a lot of people. Mark’s not a threat to anyone, and focusing on him is the wrong move altogether. (Ironically, though Elena seems far more interested in Paul these days that she does Mark.)

This is all Paul planting seeds for down the road, whether he wants Elena out or if he just wants people suspicious of her. The best piece of advice we can give him now, though, is to win Head of Household at all possible. If one of his closest allies like an Alex or Kevin is there at the competition, it’s fine to throw it to them this week; given that the Halting Hex is in Jessica and Cody’s hands, he needs to have his side win two straight HoH competitions in a row to stay safe. He has to accept the fact that one of them, unfortunately, is going to be a complete waste of time. Given how many times Paul has benefited from twists through two seasons, it is probably time for him to feel a little bit of the other side of it.

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