Big Brother 19 episode 14 review: To Veto or not to Veto

Big Brother 19 episode 14Big Brother 19 episode 14 was the sort that we were looking forward to for one reason and one reason only: Josh antics. If we get those, we’re happy. If we don’t get those, it’s instant disappointment. Cody and Jessica aren’t terrible as underdogs, but their thinking this week about nominating Ramses certainly was.

For most of the first twenty minutes of the episode, we were just waiting for the Veto to start — with there being two interesting segments. We had Christmas telling Cody about being the first female pit crew member in NASCAR, and then a surprisingly emotional segment from Jason about how much he misses his son.

The Veto Competition – This was the return of the whole make-a-concoction competition, otherwise known as the show’s excuse to explode goo all over the houseguests every season. They love to do it, and as viewers, we mostly just have to deal with it. Sometimes this is a fun competition, but this time, it was pretty dull given how everyone basically sucked and Jessica won by winning just two rounds. After it came down to just her and Cody, he went ahead and threw it to her to save her hair from being messy (seriously).

Now, Jessica and Cody were left with a big decision: Try to make a big move, or leave nominations the same and see what happens. There were some paranoid conversations here and there, but the show probably made it look like Jess was more paranoid than she actually was. She told Ramses that she would use the Veto if she was concerned that he could actually go home, but she never seemed to be all that worried about it. Most of Paul’s side did a really good job of pretending like the plan was to keep Ramses and there wasn’t any thought to the contrary. It’s a great credit to Paul as a player, who realized that Josh was far less likely to be a thorn in his side down the road and would just go along with whatever he wanted.

The Veto Ceremony – We didn’t get a whole lot of Josh dancing alone on the rest of the episode, so this was where we were hoping that he would pull through for us with a great speech.

Did that happen? Nope! Josh was contrite and acted like he was going home — he did the right thing, which is great for his game but bad for us as someone who loves craziness. Then again, this keeps Josh in the game for the long-term if the plan works, and we’re all about having more Josh in the game. Really, we just want drama in general — we like Ramses a lot as a person (we’d probably get along with him better than anyone in the house), but he’s not doing a lot in the game.

Obviously, Jessica made a really terrible move here since she’s going to potentially lose a number when she could’ve forced the other alliance to turn on each other. Why do this?

How bad a mistake do you think Jessica made, and do you blame her for what happened here or credit Paul? Share below!

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