Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Cody and Jessica paranoia sets in (day 36, afternoon)

Cody and JessicaIt was a reasonably quiet first few hours of the morning in the Big Brother house today, but things are really starting to pick up!

Today, there have already been multiple conversations about the vote, with Paul for whatever reason deciding that he was going to casually mention to Jessica that it’s possible that things may not go their way and Josh will stay. (Paul’s acting as though he is on their side.) He said he was still confident that Josh would be evicted, but this was clearly him planting a not-so-subtle seed in the event that something crazy does happen. Our guess is that he thinks that doing this will be able to help him pass the blame onto other people, but that’s not going to happen. Cody still wants him gone next (he’s spent much of the past hour devising plans), and Paul still wants Cody out. Nothing has changed, and these two are just going to continue circling each other like Sharks about to bite until one of them goes through with it.

Oh, and what adds to the paranoia for Jessica today is Mark basically admitting to being in a big alliance that includes Paul and Elena. This is mostly funny because of its timing, including the fact that Mark is on the outside of the vote this week. Pending some crazy change, Cody, Mark, and Elena will be the only people voting to evict Josh from the game.

One other thing that’s interesting about Cody and Jessica’s plans right now is that even if they succeed in getting Paul on the block, we’re not sure that he goes — especially if Matt and Raven are pawns. While they may be solid numbers in the alliance, that’s all they are — they’re not that close to anyone other than each other, and unless they view Paul is too threatening to keep, one of them could go. (Given how little Matt and Raven are bringing this season, totally fine with us — keep Cody and Paul since the two of them targeting each other is extremely entertaining.)

Paul’s strategy

This afternoon we’ve seen Paul do his best to coach up Kevin on what to do for the coming week, clearly not thinking about the Halting Hex — which is a pretty hard thing to defend against, to be fair. It is weird spending so much time building up to an eviction that is not going to happen; really, the worst thing that could happen for Paul, though, is Jessica using the Halting Hex to save Mark/Elena if they are on the block. (That’s who he suggested to Kevin, with Cody as a backdoor option.) If Jessica saves them, Mark will have such blind loyalty to them that he’ll never work against him for the remainder of the game.

For the record, we do think Mark is probably a super-sweet guy outside of the house; he’s just not built for this sort of super-intense game.

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