Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Surprise! A Matt update (day 35, late-night)

Big BrotherThis is not the most eventful week of Big Brother 19. It’s going to be a great live eviction show if the current plan holds, but that’s about it. We’re therefore taking a little bit of time to provide updates on a few people in the house we haven’t taken stock of at all in some time, and tonight, that’s Matt.

Trust us — we would rather write about Josh dancing around the house with Orwell the Big Brother: After Dark owl, but there is only so much in which we can do that. We’ve ignored Matt as a player for as long as we can, but he is seemingly open now to actually wanting to play the game.

In theory, you would think that this is a guy who would do well in some competitions, given that he’s in good shape; he just hasn’t had a need to. He’s working close with Raven, even if he throws some shade at her here and there for talking about her various conditions, and he seems to also be in fairly good with the likes of Paul and Christmas. We do think that his spot in the game looks better than it probably is, given that other than Raven (who is really not playing the game), there isn’t really anyone else all that interested in keeping him. Any of these other people will send him and his University of Texas shirt home in a split second.

Yet, Matt does occasionally have interesting thoughts. For example, tonight he said that he wants to get Mark out of the house if he wins Head of Household, which is slightly surprising given that they were so close at the start of the game. He recognizes that Cody is a bigger threat, but apparently Mark is just grinding everyone’s gears at this point and they are all looking forward to having a little bit more peace in the game with him not around. He doesn’t like his presence, and would rather have Elena there.

If Matt gets rid of him, nobody in the house hates him all that much — even Elena seems just as intent working with Paul as she does with Mark, and she spends a ton of time hanging around him. It’s a move, but one that leaves very little blood on his hands.

Is Matt, therefore, a genius for targeting Mark?

Maybe? Okay, no. It seems like a personal move and people who play personally never do all that well. We like that Matt at least has a stance, but that’s about it. He’s probably making it to top seven or so because he’s completely inoffensive and has no real game other than occasionally thinking of an idea that he’ll probably never implement. His name has come up here and there, but that can be said for everyone in the house.

The funniest thing about Matt is that everyone in the house is aware of his uselessness, and that he never gets called to the Diary Room at all. (Photo: CBS.)

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