America’s Got Talent review: Colin Cloud, Evie Clair rock Judge Cuts #2

Judge CutsThe second Judge Cuts episode of America’s Got Talent arrived on NBC Tuesday night, and from the jump, it was clear this one would be fun. DJ Khaled doesn’t necessarily perform our type of music, but we knew him to be a big personality and entertaining guy.

Tonight, we’ll be breaking down everyone who performs, and of course we’re going to be live every step of the way! Refresh this article for further updates, and at the end of the night, we’ll link you over to the results of the show. Only a small number of acts will be allowed through to the live shows.

Sammulous – This guy didn’t get a chance to shine much in the first round, but we get why he made it this far. Great style, very good stage presence, and someone who obviously loves the classics. The guy really needs a band and some cool dancers around him. We get where the cabaret comments come from just because there is a little cheese in here. He needs just a little something more to up the cool factor to 11. Grade: B.

Steven Scott – We didn’t get a lot of him, but from what we saw here, this was a pretty silly, fun routine that used a lot of sound effects. Does this sustain a larger act? We’re not entirely sure, but it was fun in the limited time we saw him. Grade: B.

The Quiddlers – We’re not altogether sure whether or not this is entertaining or just plain stupid. This doesn’t feel like something worth watching beyond maybe a Halftime show or something else that runs 5-10 minutes. Grade: C+.

Junior and Emily – They’re absolutely great dancers, but the problem that the two of them ran into here was elevated expectations. They did something that the judges had never seen before in the first round, and they basically just went out and did that again. It’s still better than anyone else so far tonight, but they’re getting almost punished for being so good the first time. Grade: B+.

Jokgu the Chicken – The first time, the chicken played the piano. This time around, it turns out that the chicken … well, it didn’t do much. That’s the problem with an act like this: You can’t really train a chicken. Grade: F.

Chase Goehring – We loved his first audition, and the young singer/songwriter reminded us once more that he could be the American Ed Sheeran with a touch of Jason Mraz. He got the Golden Buzzer! Read more hereGrade: A.

Mirror Image – They’re back! Honestly, we thought that they were annoying the first time, and we do still think they’re face-pulling and outfit choices are questionable. If they took everything down from about a 20 they would probably be better. Grade: C.

Evie Clair – She has a powerful story, but we don’t want that to change our opinion of her as a singer. The most important thing is that you feel her story through her voice. Simply incredible. One of the best singers this season, and we don’t say that lightly. Grade: A-.

Colin Cloud – The thing that makes Colin so different than the other magic acts this season is that he does have some sort of a gimmick — being the “modern-day Sherlock Holmes.” He’s a good magician, a great mentalist, and he’s a little weird — dude straight-up licked Mel B’s hand! Grade: A.

Puddles Pity Party – We love Puddles. Did we love this as much as the audition? Not exactly, but a part of his problem is that once you get past of the fact that he’s a clown who sings, you need another dimension. Here, our big issue is mostly that we don’t really love “All By Myself” the song. Grade: B+.

Yoli Mayor – The final performer tonight, and a really good singer who showed further that she’s evolved very much from where she was when we first saw her. She’s got a big voice, and beyond that she’s improved significantly when it comes to the emotional connection. This was much more Yoli as a person and less of someone trying to audition on a show. Grade: A-.

Results Head over here to see who’s making it through.

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