Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Was there a Veto Ceremony change? (day 34)

Veto CeremonyGoing into day 34 of Big Brother 19we had a chance to witness a real tipping point in the game with the Veto Ceremony. Jessica and Cody are being played, but neither one of them seems aware of it. Their plan is to leave their pawn in Ramses up on the block, thinking that Josh is going home for sure.

If this happens, signs point to this plan blowing up in their face. This situation reminds us slightly of Big Brother Canada 3 where Zach didn’t remind Jordan from the block, thinking that he’d stay for sure over Godfrey. That didn’t happen, which led to one of the best reactions from anyone to be declared safe in recent memory.

Obviously, the stakes aren’t quite the same here. Cody and Jessica aren’t anywhere near as close to Ramses as Zach was to Jordan, but it still makes zero sense for them to leave up someone who could be a number for them rather than someone in Alex or Paul who is for sure working against them seemingly. This is a conservative move, which is the move Cody should’ve made week one. It’s too late for such shenanigans now.

The biggest thing that shocks us is that Ramses didn’t share many of his thoughts about remaining on the block to Jessica in advance. Why not try something more than what he did? Bad move on his part.

The results are in…

The Veto Ceremony went exactly as you would expect for it to. Jessica did not use the Veto, which means that she’s mostly bungled her week as Head of Household. Josh apparently gave a pretty good speech, at least in that it’s one that won’t paint an even larger target on his back than the one that’s already there. He also apparently didn’t make it seem like he knew any sort of plan was in the works. Paul wants this to be set up to be a blindside, and Josh typically does a good job of listening to what he’s told. He’ll be quiet enough presumably, and everything will go accordingly to plan. He doesn’t want to screw this up given that if Cody/Jessica learn that something is amiss, they may try to do something different.

Here is the challenge that Josh faces — he has to figure out a way to sell this that is authentic. If he does nothing all week, that could make Cody and Jessica suspicious that he could be plotting something in secret. Yet, he has to also not do anything that is going to make the other members of his alliance nervous. The guy is walking a pretty thin line when it comes to figuring out the right way to handle this.

Rest assured, we are going to have some more updates from the Big Brother 19 live feeds soon over at the link here. Be sure to come back for all of that and much more! (Photo: CBS.)

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