The Bachelorette video: Peter Kraus, Eric Bigger no fans of Bryan’s watch

Bryan's watchWhen knew that Bryan’s watch would become such a key player on The Bachelorette this season? It was a gift for him while in Switzerland, and it’s also apparently quite an eyesore for both Peter and Eric as they get into the final three on Monday night’s new episode.

As the sneak peek below so effectively reveals, there is one problem that they have with this timepiece more so than how it looks or how expensive it is: It serves as a constant reminder of where Bryan stands with Rachel, and that’s as the frontrunner to win the whole thing. Even when Rachel is with all three guys, even she still has the watch thing going on with him! What she and Bryan are doing here is the equivalent of when two people have an inside joke that they whisper to each other and laugh, and the other people in attendance just don’t get it. This isn’t the sort of situation that makes anyone happy other than the two of them — which, if Rachel likes Bryan more than the other two, is really all that matters. They just have to stare at the watch and DEAL WITH IT. Bummer.

Another metaphor for what’s going on this sneak peek: Peter and Eric look like they are the family friends showing up for the party that Rachel and Bryan are hosting. They’ve secretly had a thing for Rachel and hate Bryan because he’s with her. (This is starting to sound like the pitch for a sitcom.)

What we do really get a sense of in this preview is that Peter doesn’t care for Bryan, which isn’t all that surprising given that this is a situation that does lend itself to some division. It’s not anything like the Shawn Booth/Nick Viall rivalry that they had going on during Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season, but it has to be considered one of the more contentious final threes that we’ve seen given that we often don’t see any evidence of this sort of malcontent at all. One of the reasons for that is probably just that we’re not used to seeing the guys all in the same room like this. Usually, they rarely see each other at this stage save for maybe the Rose Ceremony, so the drama between the guys is almost an afterthought. (Other examples of contentious finales: Ones featuring Vienna and Courtney.)

In general, though, this is a very different final three than usual, though, given that we’re also going to be seeing Rachel’s remaining men meet her family in Dallas. (You can read more about that over at the link here.) Clearly, this is the sort of thing that is typically reserved for the final two, and the family’s flown out to whatever exotic location the cast is in. The main reason that it’s different here is simply due to the fact that Rachel’s sister was pregnant at the time.

What do you think about the drama with Bryan and his watch: Big deal, moderate deal, or no deal at all? Be sure to share some further thoughts on that subject in the comments below! (Photo: ABC.)

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