Real Housewives of Orange County interview: Kelly Dodd details show’s impact, relationships

Kelly DoddThere is a new episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County airing on Bravo Monday night, and with that, you’re going to have a chance to see more of Kelly Dodd than you have so far this season. She’s no longer a newbie after spending a full year on the show, and this time around, you can expect to see evolutions to her relationships to the other Housewives, a chance to have more fun, and witness more of a family feel than you’ve seen in the past. It’s a new season, and with that comes a different tone.

Based on the conversation that we had with Kelly this morning, all signs point to this being a very entertaining season, and one where you’ll learn a lot more about her in the process. Take a look at the interview below, and as a reminder, you can view more information on Monday’s episode over at the link here.

CarterMatt – It’s been a year since I last spoke with you, and obviously we know much more about you as a part of the show now. How has your life changed in that time, and is that because of the show or other factors?

Kelly Dodd – Life really hasn’t changed. The only thing that’s changed is that I get recognized everywhere. Obviously, with social media, I get now trolls and haters, but I also get a lot of people who love me. People either really hate me or they really love me.

With my life and everything else, it all feels the same.

Have you found yourself a part of this interesting phenomenon where people will be so negative online [where they hide behind a username], and then others will be in person consistently nice?

It’s just a TV show, but people become so invested in it and feel as though it’s their life. They nitpick at every little thing, and to me, it’s just so weird because I’ve never done that in my life. They go on your page specifically to attack you. I find that just so odd and so strange, that people hide behind their computers and have nothing else to do other than to slam us. It’s not just me — we all talk about it. I couldn’t imagine blasting people on TV shows and trying to bully them. I just think it’s the weirdest thing.

We’ve seen you a little bit this season, but it seems as though tonight is when things are really going to pick up. Was there any specific goal that you had entering the show this time, or anything you wanted to accomplish? Or, do you try not to be so forward-thinking and just dive in and be in the moment?

I think the first time around, the other girls really didn’t get to know me. They just saw the worst part of my personality because they brought out the worst in me. My goal this time around was for them to really get to know me.

How much of that last year was a product of you being the new person? So many things in life go back to high school, and it’s that thing of you being an easy target as the new kid at school?

Yeah, that’s what it felt like — I was in high school and I was new. I also look different, I obviously don’t have blonde hair and blue eyes and I have a loud mouth. I was nitpicked.

This season we’re seeing Peggy [Sulahian] and Lydia [McLaughlin] step into that sort of role — I know Lydia’s been on the show before but it’s been a while. Did your experiences influence the way that you welcomed them and acted around them?

Yeah. I mean, Lydia is just an easygoing, easy-to-talk-to friend. I get a long with her very well. She’s a cool chick. Peggy, on the other hand, it’s a struggle with her. I like her, but I just don’t get her. She’s a nice mom and she’s got great attributes, but I don’t have anything in common with her. She’s very sheltered, and I’m not. I don’t understand her.

Peggy, on the other hand, it’s a struggle with her. I like her, but I just don’t get her. She’s a nice mom and she’s got great attributes, but I don’t have anything in common with her. She’s very sheltered, and I’m not. I don’t understand her.

I’m going to try to put myself in the position of where the show is in its airing right now. At this point, what is the state of your friendship with Vicki?

Vicki and I have always done things together. We have a real life friendship. We have dinner together, my husband is friends with [Vicki’s boyfriend Steve], we go on trips together. We talk every day. It’s a real friendship, and not just some work friendship.

I’m sure that has to be nice, that way when the cameras are rolling you have someone you know you can trust.

Absolutely. We can trust each other, and I can ask her any sort of private question and she’ll give me advice or give me the right person to talk to. She doesn’t try to undermine — she tries to help — and that’s a really great feeling.

Where are things going to go with Shannon [Beador]? In the preview for tonight’s episode, it certainly looks like there’s still trouble there.

I can’t say too much on where it’s going, so you’ll have to watch and see with that, but Shannon and I are like oil and water. I do think we’re very much alike, and we have a lot of similarities.

What are some of the parts of the show that you do enjoy the most, and what’s been the process of figuring that out?

In real life, you don’t remember what you say every day. You don’t say something and people react with ‘why’d you say this,’ or ‘why did you say that.’ Here it does feel like you are on a pedestal, people are judging you. They don’t forget what you say, and [then] you have to deal with the repercussions of what you said. But in normal life, you don’t remember every word you say. You don’t even remember what you ate yesterday. It’s so weird, but people nitpick.

But [you do enjoy] that you say things that are funny and they make people laugh, and people get to see your family life. Then, it’s fun to see things like when we go to Iceland, and you get to do something where people can see you in a different place.

What are some of the ways that people have interacted with you since the show, and has that changed over time?

When people come up to me, one of the things that I get a lot is ‘I relate to you’ or ‘you’re funny’ or ‘I know someone in a similar situation.’ [The show] makes people feel better, and it’s kind of mindless; but, we all have problems, and we’re all in the same boat. Let’s all just try to get along and help each other.

I don’t want you to obviously spoil anything for the season, but how are you feeling about the reunion this season? Are you looking forward to it, or dreading it in any way?

This season is more about our families than the fighting. We did film [as a group], but it was more about the individual families rather than all of us together. I think we get along — it’s not as dark as last season, I think it’s a little bit more fun this time. It’s funny.

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