Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Is Alex in danger? Veto talk (day 33, evening)

Big BrotherRight when we started to think that the Veto Ceremony tomorrow in the Big Brother 19 house was going to be predictable, in comes Ramses! For the first time this season, we have to give the kid some credit for trying something to get himself off the block.

In this specific instance, we’re crediting him, at the very least, having a conversation. Jessica and Cody have realized to a certain extent that Ramses isn’t a threat to anyone, and while they are being told that Josh is the target and will go home, they have a few reasons to be nervous. Ramses did remind Jessica that there are two people who voted for him to leave, and he doesn’t know who they are still. Therefore, he could be a little more of a threat than she realizes.

Now, Jessica is contemplating taking Ramses off the block and nominating someone in Alex who is far more of a threat. Taking out either Alex or Josh ensures that someone from that side of the house goes home, and it’s a far smarter move for her. There’s no way that Paul would go home if you nominated him, but Alex is close to Paul and that’s a good shot.

The main question this week for Jessica is the same one that she has had all week: Do you try to go back, or make a small move and hope you can get trust back from some people? Her fatal flaw, to quite a certain song by pop star JoJo (yes, we hate that we’re doing this), is that her thinking is too little, too late. There’s no way people are trusting her and Cody now, so she just has to get used to the idea of being constantly in danger. She should just make the move against Alex now to weaken their numbers and hope that they get rid of her. She’s far more of a challenge threat than Josh will ever be.

The Halting Hex drama means boredom to come

For the most part this season, Paul’s been able to predict some things that are happening in the house; unfortunately, there’s some bad news for him coming beyond this week: We’re starting to feel like we’re going to be in for two weeks with very little action coming up, and he’s not seeing the Halting Hex coming. (We don’t blame him for it, but he’s going to have egg on his face if it’s used.)

More than likely, if anyone wins Head of Household coming up they’re putting Cody and Jessica on the block, and then she’ll use the temptation to cancel out the week. The challenge over the next few weeks is beating these two in two straight Head of Household Competitions — or really just Cody this coming week, given that Jess won’t be eligible to compete, and then the one that follows. We don’t know after that if the HoH results from the new week cancel after the Halting Hex, meaning that Jessica couldn’t play again, or the HoH that tried to get rid of Jody is doubly screwed over and can’t compete in the second one. Either way, there are interesting dynamics ahead.

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