Ballers season 3 episode 2 spoilers: Spencer’s struggles in Las Vegas

Ballers season 3 episode 2Following tonight’s premiere episode, are you curious to know where Ballers season 3 episode 2 is taking the story the rest of the way? Well hopefully, we can provide you with some answers!

Based on the early indications tonight, the theme for much of the season is going to be seeing Spencer Strasmore (Dwayne Johnson) doing everything within his power to get an NFL team to Las Vegas — and in the process, we’re looking forward to seeing the billion or so hurdles that are going to be in the way. It should prove rather exciting to watch all of this play out, mostly because this is no easy process and there are so many different hoops that have to be jumped through in order to make it happen. You’ve got to get the right financiers, the right arena, the people of the city on your side, and so much more — by the end of all of this, there is still another struggle as you do have to figure out if there is a way to ensure that the owners of the league are all for it. They don’t want to sign off on a move that is going to be bad for the league and based on an extended preview that aired after tonight’s episode, there will be someone brought in to question Spencer on that and a whole lot more.

Below, you can get a few more details courtesy of the fine folks at the network in terms of what is coming up next.

Ballers season 3 episode 2 synopsis – “In Las Vegas on business, Spencer (Dwayne Johnson) gets reacquainted with Chloe (Serinda Swan), an old flame now working for Wayne (Steve Guttenberg), while Ricky (John David Washington) challenges the odds in a game of dice. Set up by Joe (Rob Corddry) to represent top running back Kisan (Kris Lofton), Jason (Troy Garity) ends up sweating it out in a tough neighborhood. Charles (Omar Benson Miller) gets a public-speaking primer from Julie (Jazmyn Simon); Vernon (Donovan Carter) and Reggie (London Brown) make a risky endorsement deal.”

This proves to you that even though there are so many storylines converging around Vegas at the moment, that doesn’t mean in the slightest that the show is going to be losing its identity or its focus on the players that are currently highlighted in some of the storylines. We figure that juggling all of these different stories will be a challenge, but Ballers has certainly bitten off a whole lot more than this in the past. We’re very intrigued to see now the path to the future.

Is there anything that you want to see on Ballers season 3 episode 2, and the rest of the season in general? Be sure to sound off with some of your thoughts on the matter below!

Meanwhile, head over to this link in the event you are hungry for some additional night right away when it comes to the HBO series. After all, we’ll be offering up more in due time. (Photo: HBO.)

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