Grantchester season 3 finale (PBS): Prepare yourself for devastation

GrantchesterThe Grantchester season 3 finale is going to be airing on PBS next week — and we’re going to tell you in advance to get your hankies ready. While this is a show that has already created a wide array of emotional moments, what you see in this hour may top all of them. Huge decisions are made in regards to one of our main characters (more on that in a bit), and there are also high-stakes challenges that force the entire community to band together.

Before we state too much more, let’s go ahead and share the official synopsis via the network:

“A boy goes missing and the entire village heads out in search of him. Sidney, Geordie, Leonard and Mrs. Maguire all take steps in a new direction.”

We’ve seen investigations that hit home within Grantchester before, but everything is so much different when you incorporate a child. It’s the projection of innocence and the feeling of helplessness that may be going through their mind that inspires even the most apathetic of people to act. There is only so much that they can do and you are desperate in turn to figure out if there is a way that you can assist in pursuing and preserving justice.

Beyond the main case of the episode, the only substantial tease that we’re comfortable handing down comes in relation to Sidney — in addition to taking the lead on the boy’s case, he has to make the most important decision of his life. No matter what he chooses, his life will be very different on the other side of it; not only that, but there may also be a certain tinge of regret that never leaves over what he chose against. It’s such a simple black-and-white decision, but it is the complications that are tied to it that make it so interesting and severe. Based on what we’ve seen following the British airings of the show, most Grantchester viewers and social-media users alike should have quite a bit of discourse in the weeks to come.

The one thing that makes it all the more painful

Well, Grantchester has not been renewed for another season yet over by ITV in Britain. Its ratings were solid through much of its run; it wasn’t the biggest hit that the network had, but nonetheless, it was a show with a sizable, loyal audience and we certainly think that it has the same over here — even if it’s considerably smaller given that it is PBS and the interest in British drama is different.

Is there anything that US fans can do to keep the show alive? These matters are complicated, but we do tend to think that every little bit helps! One thing we would suggest is tweeting over to ITV  and also the show’s official account and letting them know just how much they are loved stateside.

If you do want to see some further news when it comes to Grantchester while you wait for the new season to arrive, we suggest heading over here. However, just know that there are spoilers in there from the UK airings. (Photo: PBS.)

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