Disney Channel puts full Raven’s Home premiere online (video)

Raven's Home premiereEarlier this week, the Disney Channel experienced a little early success with its Raven’s Home premiere — the show founding itself trending on social media! There is a clear thirst for nostalgia that is out there, and the majority of the show’s original viewers are probably now adults, and some of them may have their own children, nieces, or nephews. They can use this show in order to forge connections with the children that are now in their lives.

Basically, this show is the ultimate for what Disney Channel wants — a piece of family entertainment that parents can get involved with. So often with the network, you have shows that children love that they have to convince reluctant parents to watch. Parents are typically the ones with control over the TV.

Just to further along the buzz, the Disney Channel did officially reveal recently the first episode in its entirety on YouTube, and you can take advantage of that and watch it below! This episode gives you a great introduction to Raven and Chelsea’s new lives, plus all of the children who are going to be at the heart of the show. Raven’s son has the same abilities that she does, so there is quite a bit that the show has in common with the original That’s So Raven so many years ago. It’s a mirror of it, but a playful one that isn’t winking or saying “look how clever we are” in the process.

One thing that did surprise us upon looking at the full episode on the YouTube page was that by and large, the majority of the comments were positive. We’ve learned over time that YouTube is the harshest critic in the history of humankind, mostly because everyone can be as awful as they possibly want courtesy of creating some false identity and hiding behind that when the going gets tough.

Why Raven’s Home could be successful

We’ve mentioned this in the past in relation to Girl Meets World that this show had to make a significant tonal leap to go from ABC, the broadcaster of the original Boy Meets World, to the Disney Channel. With that, the show struggled to maintain a consistent audience of longtime fans who felt like the show was being altered for the sake of keeping that audience.

Here, viewers already know what they are getting with Raven’s Home airing on the same network that broadcasted the original. There are still some further issues that it could face, though, but they may not come until a year or two down the road when the buzz and initial charm of the show start to fade. It needs more than just nostalgia to have a long life.

What did you think about the Raven’s Home premiere?

Be sure to share some of your thoughts in the comments if you’ve seen it!

Also, we do have already some further news posted on the second Raven’s Home episode, which you can see over at the link here. If you haven’t heard, a familiar face from the original series is going to be returning then! (Photo: Disney Channel.)

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