Chicago Med season 3 filming officially underway!

Chicago Med season 3For everyone who is ready to check back into Chicago Med for season 3, we come bearing super-good news: Production is underway!

In a post on Twitter (see below), Colin Donnell confirms that the entire cast is back at work crafting new stories for the show’s midseason debut. Yep, that’s true — you are going to be waiting for a rather long time to see the show back. While that is a bummer of the most supreme kind, we’re not going to let that take away from our excitement that production is happening once more. The Chicago sets are going to be rather busy, and there are some merits that come with everyone being back at work already.

1. More Crossovers! If the Chicago Med cast filmed later in preparation of their midseason start, maybe there would be fewer opportunities for the actors to appear here and there on other shows. While nothing is confirmed as of yet, it’s pretty darn hard to imagine that the One Chicago franchise, which has used crossovers as its bread and butter over the years, is going to be drifting far away from them. They get some of the best ratings, and drum up some of the most excitement out of anything that the show does.

2. You’re getting everything in the bank – Even if there is no guarantee as of right now when Chicago Med will premiere (it could be January, March, or somewhere in between), it never hurts to establish your story and get your episodes all taken care of. Once the show is done, it really doesn’t matter all that much when the show airs. You can go off, film some other things, and then see if NBC deems that they want to give you another batch of episodes. When you’ve got a show that keeps getting better and better, you certainly hope that they will do the right thing and greenlight more.

When Chicago Med left off, it was pretty darn clear that there were some MAJOR cliffhangers. For one, Dr. Charles was in grave danger, and we still have to wait and see just what his future fate is going to hold. Beyond that, there are some romantic mysteries still out there with Will and Nina now broken up. With Mekia Cox heading over to Once Upon a Time (read more about that role here), we also have a hard time imagining that we will see too much of Robin on the series in the near future, either. At least we do know that she finally received some of the treatment that she needed, so she can go off and live happier now.

Rest assured that whenever the Chicago Med premiere date is officially announced, we’re going to bring that coverage to you here.

For now, let us know in the comments what you want to see on Chicago Med when the show returns! You can also check out more of what we’d like to see happen over at the link here. (Photo: NBC.)

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