Turn: Washington’s Spies season 4 episode 8 spoilers: Abe’s in deep…

Turn: Washington's Spies season 4 episode 8When Turn: Washington’s Spies season 4 episode 8 airs on AMC next week, one of the clear takeaways will be Abe’s state of peril. He’s in the thick of carnage now that the army is being sent off to Virginia, and he’s now in less of a position where he can achieve some of his original goals. The plan that was once in place is disintegrating, and this is a time for altering course. Could Washington help with that? Absolutely, and someone certainly needs to given the sole fact that otherwise, the Culper Ring may not succeed in the way that they had first planned. Battle is on the horizon.

What we are still marveling at, even in the midst of the altering plans and the looming chaos that is coming, is that there are many seeds still planted for the remainder of the series. Watching how this story unfolds, and how these characters evolve, the rest of the season should prove to be very much interesting.

Take a look now at the (rather-brief) synopsis for what’s ahead.

Turn: Washington’s Spies season 4 episode 8 synopsis – “As Abe is thrust into battle, Ben appeals to Gen. Washington. Townsend risks everything, while Caleb seeks redemption.”

The first thing that is really bad here for Culper Ring is that Simcoe knows the score. The second thing that’s bad is that they are running out of time. Unfortunately, the same can be said for us given that there are only three more episodes still to come this season, and then the journey of the past four years is officially at an end. That is absolutely not a thought we want dwelling in our brain, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

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Is the showdown coming for Simcoe and Abe? Signs point in that direction — heck, there’s even video evidence that it’s coming here. You can get a real sense of desperation, especially when it comes to the prospect of Abe having to do battle on the field with his own men, something that he never imagined that he was going to be in a position to do. The options now are limited: Go even further into your undercover mission at the expense of some of your own, or make a run for it. Facing off with Simcoe is door #3, but that’s not something that he may want without being adequately prepared for it.

For those who are anxious over the series ending … just know that you’re not alone. It’s a fantastic show that showcases how a wide array of people were all collectively involved in the same operation. With Washington, for example, he clearly has conflict within his own team that he needs to take on.

Is there anything that you do want to see moving further into Turn: Washington’s Spies season 4 episode 8? Be sure to sound off now in the comments below!

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