Wentworth Miller’s Legends of Tomorrow season 3, The Flash season 4 roles

Wentworth MillerWentworth Miller may have just wrapped his role on Prison Break season 5, and his schedule is not getting any lighter.

Today at San Diego Comic-Con, it was confirmed that the actor will be returning as Captain Cold both on Legends of Tomorrow season 3 to go along with what Miller previously announced when it comes to The Flash season 4. Given that Leonard Snart is technically dead as we once knew him, there’s clearly a lot of creativity that goes into ways to bring this man back to life! Kudos to the writers for being creative, and for somehow figuring out ways to do this that are fun and not just giving him some of Oliver Queen’s magic penicillin tea that he was given after being knocked off the side of a mountain.

While at the Legends of Tomorrow panel, in particular, it was revealed today that the Snart that turns up in Mick Rory’s life this time around won’t be the same iteration that we saw most recently with the Legion of Doom. There will be a different twist that helps to disarm Rory in some way — and disarmed Rory is always fun and is good material for Dominic Purcell.

Sure, we could complain about all of these new appearances completely diluting the fact that Snart was killed off and that his original life should be significant … but there really are no rules with this show. Let’s be real. This is a part of the fabric of what makes all of this so fun, and Legends of Tomorrow is the sort of show that you need to check our brain at the door to enjoy from time to time.

Also, it was confirmed while at the panel that Neal McDonough is not only going to return as a series regular, but will be a (fittingly) darker version of Damien Darhk than the one who gallivanted around with Eobard Thawne and Malcolm Merlyn during part of the season there. There will also be another villain in the form of Kuasa, the sister of the Vixen we first met on the show played by Megalyn E.K. Arthur Darvill will return as Rip Hunter, but in recurring capacity to harass the team with his new group of time police. (Note: There’s a good chance that these people end up becoming the fun police by the time the series is over.)

So what about The Flash?

As of this writing, there isn’t as much known about Miller’s appearances there, but kudos to the writers of the greater DC Comics – CW universe for realizing further that there is merit in getting the Captain Cold character to still remain in this universe. He’s one of the most notorious villains in all of Flash lore, and it would be both jaw-dropping and honestly rather strange in the event that he did not show up here but did on the time-travel show instead.

We love Wentworth Miller. Therefore, all of this thrills us. If you feel the same, we do hope that you share some further thoughts in the comments below. (Photo: The CW.)

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