Supergirl season 3 will feature more of Calista Flockhart’s Cat Grant!

Cat GrantRejoice, Cat Grant fans — you will be seeing Calista Flockhart in Supergirl season 3, and in a larger role than she had in season 2.

Leading up to the big DC – CW panels tonight at San Diego Comic-Con, it was confirmed to reporters that Flockhart, who was a series regular as the CatCo Worldwide Media boss/mentor to Kara Danvers in season 1, will recur this time around. She’ll first appear in the premiere, and we would assume that her appearances will be sporadic throughout the season from there. She bookended the second season as the character, and the biggest reason we didn’t get more of her was simply a matter of scheduling. Back when Flockhart was a regular, the show filmed in Los Angeles, and that’s a far more convenient destination for her than traveling up to Vancouver. After all, when you are Calista Flockhart, you don’t necessarily have to do anything. You pick and choose the shows you want to do and the amount of time you want to spend filming them. Everyone else just smiles and does a happy dance that you’re there.

Calista coming back for more in season 3 may be a product of her deciding that she loves the character, and is doing this in order to further embrace the fans who loved her just as much in turn. Given that she does still have CatCo, there is plenty of reason for her to have a larger role in the story coming up. Maybe this also gets James Olsen away from his current position, which makes sense given that a guy with his resume (mostly a prominent photographer) seemed like an out-of-nowhere choice to run one of the biggest media conglomerates in all of National City. That was just the show giving Jimmy something to do, and they struggled with that in season 2.

There’s another awesome reason to have Cat Grant back, and that’s the super-unique dynamic that is there between her and Supergirl. Cat is the only character on the show who knows Kara’s alter ego but has decided not to say anything about it. She’s a gloriously self-aware human, and as a result of that, she knows that she can’t be selfish and pepper Kara about it. Her place is better reserved as a beacon for advice and insight. She helps to make Kara feel normal, and there aren’t many people out there who do that. (The irony here is that for the majority of people, working for a boss like Cat Grant is one of the least-normal things ever. Consider this normal by comparison.)

Supergirl season 3 started filming new episodes recently, and this is far from the only announcement that we’re expecting to get out of this convention. It’s possible that a first look at the new Worldkiller Big Bad Reign (Odette Annable) will be presented, or that there will be a teaser clip since showing off videos seems to be all the rage at SDCC this year.

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