Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Veto players; possible targets (day 32)

Veto PlayersWe were waiting for a little while to bring you the first Big Brother 19 update of the day, but there was a fairly simple reason for that: The wait for Veto players.

We do now know who are squaring off in the competition later today, and it’s a fairly fascinating bunch in terms of people who could want to win it and control the course of events this week. In addition to Head of Household Jessica, you’ve got the nominees Josh and Ramses and then Christmas, Cody, and Jason. This is only mildly a draw that benefits Jessica (minus Cody), given that there’s little incentive for Christmas or Jason to play this if they win it. If they believe that they have the numbers to keep Josh in the game, that is something that they could do. Or, if they believe that this is what Jessica wants, they will also do the same thing just to satisfy here. The odds of it being played here are FAR less likely than the past few weeks. Remember that around the Veto last week, it felt almost certain it’d be played.

The interesting thing that we’re still having a hard time processing here is that unless Jess is doing a week 1 Cody thing, she actually seems interested in making Josh her target so that he goes home this week. She doesn’t seem interested in trying to get rid of Paul right now and thinks that Josh just makes her miserable in the game and she, therefore, wants him out. It’s a fairly singular way to look at the game, thinking almost that eliminating him from the chess board is going to somehow even out all of the problems and make life easier on her. Not sure about that.

What’s also interesting is how the definition of “sides” is flimsy at best. We think of it more as an assemblage of small alliances loosely tied to one another. Alex, Jason, Paul, and Kevin are all sort of close, but Jason has suspicions of Paul. Meanwhile, Paul has a relationship with Christmas and Josh, but Jason wants Christmas out of the game. Mark and Elena are close, and the same goes for Matt and Raven. They both are trying to keep the peace with Jessica and Cody, but neither seems that tight and the alliances all have mistrust with each other. There is a little excitement there in that this means that the vote can swing almost any direction depending on the circumstance. Just look at the Dominique vote and how at one point, she was not in any danger at all.

Will anyone ever get rid of Paul?

We know that there is a contingent out there who thinks that everyone is just going to give it to him at the end, but don’t mistake your anger now as evidence that this is the way the season will go. We do think that he’s good until around final eight or so, but there are some people in here who are reasonably self-interested enough to realize that he wins if he makes it to final two because he’s controlled such a large percentage of the game all season. He’s going to have a far harder time getting there than last season, where he had Victor to hide behind on several different occasions.

In other words, if you hate Paul, keep the faith. Things could change.

Rest assured, we’ll be back later to chronicle the latest from the Big Brother live feeds over at the link here. (Photo: CBS.)

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