Outlander season 4 could premiere in the fall, says Ronald D. Moore

Ronald D. MooreWe like to think of Ronald D. Moore as the quiet eye of the Outlander storm in many ways. He’s incredibly involved, and yet at the same time also not someone you hear from all that much during production. Therefore, it’s somewhat exciting when you do get to see him speak at length.

There were a TON of different interviews and videos from San Diego Comic-Con yesterday pertaining to the show, and we’ve covered a good many of them over here. We know that there are still more, crazy as that is to think about, but here we’re going to focus on Moore’s fantastic interview with Deadline where he discusses at length where the show is and the future. One of the most interesting things that he says in this piece is confirmation that he would like to see the show stay in the fall for its premieres:

“You know, there’s no guarantee, but hopefully we kind of stick with a fall premiere from this point. It’s been difficult for us because it takes us a long time to shoot the show. It’s very complex logistically. It’s a big period piece that travels and goes to different countries and continents and doesn’t really have standing sets, and it takes us a long time to produce it. So we don’t want to skimp on the production value of the show, but we also want the audience to have the benefit of yearly premieres.”

As of right now, we know that the Outlander team is doing everything that they can to make another fall premiere happen for season 4 in 2018. Executive producer Matthew B. Roberts was back in the writers room working this week while many other cast and producers were at the convention. Meanwhile, locations have already been scouted for the next season of the show and there have been people hired to work behind the scenes in some capacity. The fourth season will start filming this fall; our guess is that it will happen not long after the promotional tour for the third season wraps. There’s a small break in here for the cast, and then it’s back at it.

One other interesting highlight

Moore mentions further in the interview that there is no set end date for Outlander, and he would like to see the show last however long that it can. Presumably, it would be great to have a season for every Diana Gabaldon book. We know that cable series do get progressively more expensive as time goes on, but hopefully the show is going to figure out a way to make things work here similar to what Game of Thrones has done. There is a certain point where we are fine with longer waits between seasons if it keeps the show going — but we’re not there yet. We’re currently still in the impatient phase.

Interested in further Outlander Comic-Con highlights?

We’ve detailed everything from the panel, save for the premiere screening, over at the link here. Note that if you were at the panel, please don’t spoil in the comments — while we know there are already book spoilers out there, let’s all be respectful of those who want to be surprised watching it on television.

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