The Bachelorette: Rachel Lindsay, fiance talk after every episode

The BacheloretteEven though Rachel Lindsay may not be able to say who won her season of The Bachelorette just yet, she’s had no problem revealing she has a fiancé. It feels every season like the decision to discuss the result in general terms is up to the contestant in question — every single season does it differently, but for Rachel, she’s made it clear that she prefers being able to go out there and say that she’s engaged. It probably takes some of the pressure off, given that everyone knows that she’s not going to admit to who she’s with until it is publicly revealed on ABC.

Now what is interesting is that Rachel is talking here and there about things that you don’t often get a great deal of insight on until the After the Final Rose happens, including how she and her fiancé watch the show. They may not be in the same location to see them, but they do both watch (something that doesn’t always happen), and then after the fact, they talk about it. This is something that Rachel revealed further when speaking to People Magazine on the subject:

“I try to anticipate every single situation, but there are some things you just can’t prepare yourself for … He watches every [episode], and then we talk about it, and we move on. But that’s us.”

Much like it’s easier for Rachel to say that she’s engaged, we imagine that it’s also probably easier for her fiancé to just come out and say that he has already watched the entire show rather than not paying attention to the episodes. Otherwise, there would be some jerk who would pester him on the street about certain dates Rachel went on with other men, and he would not be able to determine whether or not what they were saying is true. This way, he knows everything and they’ve had all of the conversations. Obviously, no matter who wins between Eric Bigger, Bryan Abasolo, and Peter Kraus, they’re all very well aware of the fact that this is the way the show works — Rachel dates other guys, and then she settles on the one that she wants to be with. They know what they’re getting themselves into, and eventually they have something resembling a normal relationship.

On Monday, we will see this field of three be narrowed down to a field of two, and following that point, the long wait to the finale begins. We’re going to have The Men Tell All, after all, between where we are now and the finale airing. That’s something that is a frequent tradition with the show — it makes a great deal of sense, but it does also drag out the end of the season like nobody’s business.

Do you think Rachel and her fiancé are handling this the right way?

You can get some other information on that subject below! Meanwhile, head over here to get some other news on The Bachelorette, including Dean offering up his endorsement to Peter as the next Bachelor. (Photo: ABC.)

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