The Fosters season 5 spoilers: Maia Mitchell on Callie – Aaron relationship

Callie - AaronThe Callie – Aaron relationship is one that is going to pick up steam on The Fosters season 5 next week. As a matter of fact, they’ll have their first date! It’s a huge stepping stone for the pair, but more than that, it may be a huge stepping stone for Callie as she tries to figure out just what sort of person she wants to be.

If there’s one thing that the past few episodes of the Freeform series have shown us, it is mostly that Callie has a history of self-destructive behavior. While she may constantly act out of a desire to do good and help the people around her, she doesn’t think about the process. She’s much likelier to get herself in trouble, and that includes by standing up for a cause to such a level that she ends up hurting herself or said cause worse. Aaron is a calming force, and someone she may be able to use as a rock moving forward.

In speaking on that subject further in a new interview with TV Guide, Maia Mitchell did discuss a little bit more how there are good things that may come out of this pairing as we see it evolve over time:

“I think it’s a really positive relationship for Callie … I think he really gets her sense of social justice and her need to protect other people, but helps her channel it in a way that isn’t self-destructive. So I think he’s a really good person for her.”

The reality here is this: Just because they are good together now doesn’t mean that they are going to be good together forever, and that is something else that Callie will have to confront down the road if there is a problem that she causes if she steps over the line on a cause. This is not a show with a whole lot of romantic stability, but there is a reason to root for these two. They both have flaws, but they also understand each other’s flaws and have been through a lot over their lives. They can relate to one another as people who’ve overcome a lot and are still battling. Who knows? Maybe Callie becomes more of a beacon of advice for her siblings in the event that this relationship works out. At the moment, this family needs all the support that it can get given that there have been a near-constant stream of troubles for them. Even something as simple as meeting new neighbors, judging from the end of this past episode, carries with it some surprising drama of its own.

In the end, this relationship is one worth watching; we’ll see just how it develops in the weeks to come as they grow closer and feel more like a permanent item.

Do you want to see Callie and Aaron work things out?

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