Game of Thrones season 7 Comic-Con trailer: Melisandre returns!

MelisandreUpon looking at the Game of Thrones season 7 Comic-Con trailer, coupled with the reactions online, one question comes to mind. How in the world is Melisandre returning to the series THAT big of a surprise? There are some people out there who are reporting on this as though it is some sort of earth-shattering, incredibly dramatic/stunning reveal for the show.

Yet, Melisandre was a part of the series just one year ago, and we always assumed that she would return even if Jon Snow didn’t want her around anymore. She brought him back to life, and that was really all she wrote for that relationship. Melisandre’s an ancient woman, and she’s been around longer than any other character. She knows stuff, and also knows that she won’t be deterred because of the comments of some resurrected power player.

In this trailer, the Red Woman pays a visit to Daenerys, making it clear to her that she has a part of great significance in the battles to come; meanwhile, she also hints that there is “another” who has a role of equal importance. We don’t think it’s all that hard to speculate that this other person is Jon given her clear emphasis on him and focus on just about everything that he is a part of. We do also wonder just how much Melisandre really knows about Jon’s parentage and his history that she hasn’t let on just yet. Maybe she knows a great deal, but believes that there is no way she could convey that in a way that could be believed. Maybe she realizes that Bran Stark is going to fulfill that purpose anyway.

No matter what, the role of Melisandre is still a big one, and we imagine that the interactions between her and Daenerys are going to be all sorts of interesting.

As for elsewhere in the trailer…

It remains very striking to us just how much time has been spent without a collision between Daenerys and House Lannister. They are the two strongest forces in the show (well, human forces anyway), and they still exist in their own realms and their own thrones. The battle is getting closer to taking place, but we’re not quite there yet and we certainly hope that it happens this season. You’ve also got some plotting in the North as they prepare to square off against The Night King and that army — otherwise known as the army everyone should really be focused on because they are the ones that are truly terrifying and can cause all sorts of carnage.

The next new episode of Game of Thrones season 7 airs Sunday night, and we foresee in that the Mother of Dragons preparing her plans within her new palace at Dragonstone. She’s come home, and with that advantage, she’s ready to plan for her next move.

If you missed it, you can go ahead and view the next Game of Thrones season 7 episode preview over at the link here. (Photo: HBO.)

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