Dark Matter season 3 episode 9 spoilers: Blink Drive as Tardis

Dark Matter season 3 episode 9As we near Dark Matter season 3 episode 9 airing on Syfy in one week’s time, there is one thought that crosses our mind: Writing on this show must be a hoot. You’re getting to come up with super-creative, super-crazy stories on an almost weekly basis. So far this season, we’ve seen The Android travel far into the future, Three experience Groundhog Day, and Six find himself played through an artificial simulator while he was watching another simulator. This show is complicated, but in the best possible way.

It’s with this, and the synopsis below, in mind that we wanted to draw the Doctor Who comparison. We’re not here to say one is better than the other to incite any sort of crazy fan war; the two shows just have a few things in common in terms of creativity, spirit, and allowing everyone to dive into a good story and use their imagination.

Dark Matter season 3 episode 9 synopsis – “When the Blink Drive self-activates during a diagnostic, it transports the Raza and its crew through space and time.”

Where the team ends up here is going to be part of the fun, especially when you consider that we’re at that precarious, interesting point in the show’s arc where we are especially thirsty for more information and answers as to how this crazy story is going to conclude. Our hope is that we’ll get a chance to learn a little more information on how the Raza crew prepares for what’s coming with Ryo, given that this is one of the season-long arcs to go along with all of the battles involving the various corporations. This is a show that does have a lot of different balls that it’s juggling in the air, and seeing where they land is one interesting part of the show’s central story this season.

Beyond all storylines and madness that we see, the easiest thing to remember and revel in is this: The central point of Dark Matter is to have some fun with a crazy space opera. The show makes you smile and/or cry here or there, then we think that it’s succeeded in every goal that it’s set out to do. We’ll do anything to help ensure that it gets the fourth season that it so clearly deserves.

Warning: spoilers from tonight’s episode ahead…

Tonight’s episode ended with that Blink Drive going online, and the Raza crew finding themselves all passed out. That doesn’t necessarily give us a great sense of where the story will go from here, but we’re definitely excited to learn a little more!

What do you want to see on Dark Matter next?

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