The Big Bang Theory panel full of stories, light on season 11 scoop (SDCC 2017)

Big Bang Theory panelThe Big Bang Theory panel happened today at San Diego Comic-Con, and we’d certainly call it an entertaining one! For the first time in years the majority of the cast (save for Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik, who is currently on vocal rest) were in attendance, and there was a lot to be had in geeky reminiscing and also a modified “Soft Kitty” singalong at the end of the event.

Obviously, the elephant in the room for the entire panel was the cliffhanger at the end of season 10 — Sheldon got on one knee and proposed! It was such a fun, emotional moment, and apparently, the majority of the cast cries after it happened. (What made this all the more fun was that Riki Lindhome co-moderated the panel, and she played Ramona Nowitzki, the woman who kissed Sheldon before he decided to travel to the other side of the country to propose.) Even though the panel didn’t have the performers for either Sheldon or Amy, there was still some conversation to be had here … but not a whole lot of scoop.

In general, this panel was SUPER light on season 11 scoop, but that makes some sense given they haven’t started filming yet and we’ve got such a big cliffhanger in the first place. This was more of a panel that was all about storytime as we heard the cast reminisce about some of the great people who have been on the show over the years. There was an air of sadness to this — both Adam West and Carrie Fisher died over the past year, and both had memorable appearances on the show. What we didn’t know until this panel was that Fisher and James Earl Jones had never met before they were on set together, which produced a super-fun moment for the two of them.

Getting the entire gang together for this panel was great, but if we’re being honest, we’d be just as fine next year if it went back to being mostly the writers with a few cast cameos. What we care about more than anything with these panels is that they’re fun, largely because The Big Bang Theory is such a silly escapist show. Are there people online who take it much too seriously and get upset over it? We’ve definitely seen that, but we’d just tell these people to relax since it’s not infringing on them in any way and it brings so much joy to other people. There are so few great sitcoms anymore that the idea of seeing this one go is going to be a massive bummer. At least we’ve got two more seasons to go with this, right? Close to the end of season 12 we’ll start pressing the panic button again if there’s no word on the future of the show around that time.

Have any thoughts or expectations for season 11?

As per usual, we want to hear about them below! You can also head over to this link to gather up some further insight on the show and its future. (Photo: CBS.)

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