Big Brother 19 spoilers: When will live feeds return after Battle Back?

live feeds returnTonight, Big Brother 19 is airing the second new episode in three days, and it’s fair to wonder when the live feeds return.

Unfortunately, it’s not happening tonight, and it’s not happening tomorrow morning, either. You’re going to be waiting until Friday at 9:00 p.m. Big Brother Time at the conclusion of the Battle Back episode on the West Coast. One of the big reasons for that is more than likely all of the production craziness that is required to bring someone back into the game. You have to do the competition/competitions, and then you also need to crown a new Head of Household and potentially do nominations. We don’t love long periods of downtime, but we do understand that it’s different here.

At this point, we’d argue that the only thing that does make us angry is when Big Brother Canada takes the feeds down for parties, and we miss out on some of the best live-feed content that we would otherwise have.

No matter who comes back into the game, it’s likely to bring about a certain degree of chaos — yes, even someone like Jillian. These are people who’ve had a chance to sit around for weeks and stew over their game, and that may cause them to play in a slightly different way. We know that Victor did a better job of fitting in after returning for his second time, and he interestingly went from being someone considered a boring also-ran in the first part of the game to a fan favorite and eventually America’s Favorite Player. He also was a nice counterbalance to Paul, who can clearly be abrasive. (Obviously, you’ve seen that a few times this season already.)

You’ll get a chance to see the fallout for everything from the Head of Household to the nominations on Sunday’s show, in addition to likely more good stuff when it comes to the Den of Temptation depending on how the recipient of it in Jessica chooses to discuss it. All in all, there’s lots of good stuff coming if you are a fan of Big Brother and have some time on your hands this weekend. What also is going to be interesting is seeing just how much information is shared among some of the people waiting at the moment to get back into the house. Just remember for a moment or two here how clueless everyone was as to how in the world Dominique got evicted, especially given that right before her talk show with Cody, all signs pointed towards her being a part of the game for a long time still.

For some further news when it comes to Big Brother and the live feeds, be sure to head over to the link here. (Photo: CBS.)

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