Shadowhunters season 3: Alisha Wainwright promoted to series regular

Alisha WainwrightLove Maia on ShadowhuntersThen you’re probably very pleased with the new information pertaining to Alisha Wainwright.

On the same day that Katherine McNamara and the rest of the cast for the Freeform series are hitting up San Diego Comic-Con, the great news was confirmed that Wainwright will be a series regular throughout the upcoming third season. While this doesn’t mean that Maia will be in every episode, it does lock her in for the remainder of that story and ensures that Wainwright isn’t lost to some other project. For job security, we imagine that this is amazing news for her. Meanwhile, it’s also great for the show given that she’s got such good interactions with Simon, Jace, and other characters. Her dinner scenes with Simon and his family on this past episode were beyond tremendous, since it was such a normal, human series of moments in the midst of a show that can otherwise be very much crazy and unpredictable.

Wainwright is certainly someone who has been worthy of getting this sort of promotion for a long time, whether it be for her work on this show or some of the great stuff that she’s done elsewhere. She’s been a working performer for years and appeared on such shows as Major Crimes, Criminal Minds, Perception, General Hospital, and even another show on Freeform in Switched at Birth. As Shadowhunters continues its journey, there is room to bring in more people to add to the family of characters we know.

Now that we’ve said all of this, we’re not sure how much Maia is going to be a focus for the remainder of season 2 given that there are such insane things going on elsewhere around the Institute. One of the biggest obstacles ahead for Clary and company is Jonathan, with one of the biggest issues there being that they don’t know the connection between him and Sebastian. Clary knows that her brother is out there, and she wants to believe that he’s good and is not out to cause anyone any trouble. Unfortunately, there is no verification that this is the case and that Jonathan has that sort of capacity within him given what we’ve seen.

Romantically, there is of course all of the smoke / fire surrounding Clary and Sebastian given the passionate kiss that the two parties shared in the Seelie Court, which hasn’t really been addressed or touched on all that much ever since. Sooner or later, you do have to assume that things romantically there are going to start to spiral and become an even bigger deal than they currently are.

Now, your take

What do you think about this promotion, and do you have any guesses as to what the future could end up holding for the Maia character on Shadowhunters moving further into the future? Share below!

Also, head over to the link here to get some additional news on the show, including a further preview for what is coming up next. (Photo: Freeform.)

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