Friends From College: what should occur in a potential season 2?

It’s no secret that Season 1 of Friends From College ended with a lot of unresolved drama. When fans last saw their favorite group of Harvard alumni, Lisa had confessed to a short affair with Nick, Ethan and Sam’s relationship was kept a secret for another day, Max was still not over his ex-boyfriend, and Sam’s car sank to the bottom of her Connecticut home pool. There’s never a dull moment with this group.

So what would fans like to see for the next season? Well, one obvious aspect is Ethan and Sam’s affair. Once again, this affair is a driving force behind the behavior of many of the characters. So for Season 2, it will interesting to see whether or not Ethan and Sam confess to Lisa about it. If so, it would open a whole other story to tell. If they decide not to tell her, will their affair still be over? At the end of Season 1, Lisa suggested the married couple take a break. So given that the two will probably spend some time apart in the potential Season 2, it’s a possibility that Ethan and Sam’s relationship will start back up again.

Another storyline fans should want to see is how Nick and Lisa will interact with each other now. In the Season 1 finale, Nick’s engagement ended when a mentalist told Nick that his fiancée wasn’t the woman he was in love with, but instead, fans know he loves Lisa. However, Lisa remains aware of his feelings because she was too focused on the fact that she had cheated on her husband to notice. So seeing how their relationship will change will be a great storyline for Season 2.

A third storyline that should be included in Season 2 should be how Sam and Marianne’s friendship will change. If fans will recall at the end of Season 1, Marianne encouraged Ethan and Sam to confess to Lisa about them because she could no longer be apart of their lie. Sam, on the other hand, didn’t want to for fear that her marriage would dissipate. As a result, Marianne let her bunny eat Sam’s shoes. So going into a potential second season, it would be exciting to see how Sam reacts to not having someone to talk. Sam vented to Marianne and how able to express her emotions about the affair to her, so without her it who could she turn to?

Finally, there’s Max. His boyfriend, Felix, broke up with him and he didn’t cope with it well at the end of Season 1. So it will he and Felix get back together or will he find a new love interest? What could be interesting is to see Max find someone else and then have Felix come back, leaving Max in a dilemma on what he should.

Overall, if the Netflix series gets picked up for second season it will be entertaining and full of drama and laughs.

This story was written by Samantha D’Amico.

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