Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Paul and Christmas’ morning monologues (day 30)

morning monologuesWe know that some people out there don’t love it as much when Big Brother houseguests break the fourth wall; personally, we do. There aren’t many chances in the game to get full unfiltered commentary from a player; we’ve gotten it from Dominique often this week, and this morning both Paul and Christmas offered up some of their thoughts on where their heads are at.

For Paul, he had a brief chat this morning which helped to understand why he went after Dominique so hard this week: He’s doing his best to ensure that there is an obvious target every week so that there isn’t that much attention that is diverted to him. Last week, the big target was obviously Cody, and he used her questioning during the talk show to push it back onto her. He seems to be trying to poison the well hard against Jessica both last night and this morning, potentially to make either her or Ramses the next obvious person to go home. (He briefly discussed with Alex flipping to get rid of Jessica, but we doubt that happens.) Hilariously, there’s already been some talk about throwing the next Head of Household to him by some people, which is ridiculous given that he’s now eligible to go home.

Let’s stop in and give Paul a little bit of credit. Sure, he’s got some big advantages in terms of being a returnee and having the Pendant of Protection, but we don’t think he would’ve gone home the first week against Jillian on the block based on the hold he has over some people. Meanwhile, he was HoH last week and wouldn’t have been a target presumably for Alex. While he’s not playing the most likable game at all this season, he’s done something that Derrick was very good at in demonizing targets and using his social game to push other people against them. Derrick was better at it than Paul is, but we understand what he’s doing.

Granted, we’re not sure it will work in the long run given that he’s still a big target and there’s a good chance Dominique has the Halting Hex temptation and she can turn everything around when it comes to the game.

Christmas’ thoughts

Meanwhile, she told feeders this morning in a monologue of her own that she is super-interested in winning the next HoH so that she can get closer to ensuring her position in jury. She also explained that her vote against Ramses wasn’t a deliberate attack on him, but a strategic move that she still wants to explain to Paul further.

Alas for Christmas, we don’t think she’ll be winning many competitions this season, but she’s a very smart woman and we know she’s a fighter. As of right now, she’s in a small group of people who we think can win if they make it to the end alongside Paul, Alex (even if her hatred for Jessica is somewhat irrational), Raven (we hate to say it but so many people want to give her the money), and Jason, who’s surprised us the most this week with his level-headed play. Ramses probably can get there, and the same goes for Elena. They’ve got some ability that they haven’t quite shown yet.

Later today, we should be back with a little more news before the eviction over at the link here. Be sure to check back in!

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