Suits season 7 episode 2 review: Harvey and Donna’s agreement; Alex arrives

Suits season 7 episode 2 reviewTonight, Suits season 7 episode 2 picked up almost immediately where the most recent installment left off — with a look at the Harvey – Paula relationship. The two woke up in bed together, and he vowed to do a good job getting to know her after she spent so much time getting to know him as his therapist. This is a relationship that we’re still torn about, but it’s one we are interested in exploring.

We know that Donna is the person many people want to see Harvey with, and the fact that she realized that Harvey must be seeing Dr. Agard was proof of her perceptiveness. Granted, she thought he was seeing him professionally, but it’s still a good read either way. Donna is getting accustomed already to her role as senior partner, and she wants to shout that announcement from the rooftop. Good for her. Unfortunately, not everyone was happy with the promotion that she got — Katrina in particular was concerned that her getting the promotion would somehow dilute the Pearson Specter Litt brand.

Meanwhile, Harvey is off dealing with a priority of his own, and that’s finding a way to officially lock in his old friend Alex Williams (Dule Hill). The problem? Alex is not going to accept an offer without some heavy encouragement, and a big part of that will be naming him a name partner at the firm. Alex knows that he can get it here, and he’s not all that interested in listening to other people. This is a chest-puffing move from Harvey, and a risky one given that in order to make the move, he would need to hand over Jim Reynolds, one of Jessica’s longest-tenured clients. Nobody was altogether thrilled by that.

Meanwhile, Louis Litt decided to get involved, not accepting being second-in-command, and tried to make a play for Williams’ client. Consider this another instance of him getting far too involved, which in turn ticked off Harvey to no end. The two had to deal with the aftermath of this, which was pretty ugly since it eventually led to the two of them using Jessica as a middleman.

Here’s the funny story — Harvey realized in the end that he wasn’t going to be able to give Alex the promotion. However, Alex did admit that he wasn’t going to make name partner at his original firm, anyway. Alex is going to come over, but not as name partner.

Mike Ross’ struggle

As he’s learning, being a lawyer doesn’t mean that he can wash away the time when he pretended to be one. While working a pro bono case, he found himself in a position where his legal history would be dragged out in front of a jury. This made him want to run away from the case at first, but eventually he turned to Rachel and Harvey both to nail the opposition. Rachel eventually brought him to the person who could offer him the key to the kingdom, but unfortunately, this said person was also clamoring for a ton of money for her services.

Mike did end up getting what he wanted from the case, but he also realized something: He couldn’t move forward while hiding his story. He invited a reporter from the Times to come and talk to him all about it.

Louis Litt in therapy

The relationship here was all sorts of entertaining, mostly because it actually gave us a good sense as to why he was really upset. For one, he was more depressed about not being a father than he was about losing Tara. Meanwhile, he was also mostly upset at the idea of Alex coming over because of what it’d mean for his own friendship with Harvey. He thought he’d had a chance to really move in closer to him.

Good news for Louis: He eventually came in to Harvey and told him how he felt, saying that he’d be fine if Alex came on board as name partner. He doesn’t have to worry about that, but the two are now on the same page.

Donna’s promotion

In the end, Harvey realized thanks to Katrina and others that he couldn’t make Donna senior partner. However, the two did compromise with another great position: COO. This is what she really wanted all along, as it turns out. Also, Harvey called Jessica to tell her he was dropping Reynolds, and getting Alex’s client as well as him.

Overall take

A really solid episode of Suits once more, given that it is one that featured a wide array of familiar faces, some great drama with many of the characters, and twists and turns aplenty. One of the more entertaining episodes of the season, and hopefully one that sets the stage for more great stuff. Grade: A-.

What’s next on Suits season 7?

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