Code Black: Melanie Chandra to exit ahead of season 3 premiere

Melanie ChandraSad news to report today: Code Black‘s Melanie Chandra, who plays Dr. Malaya Pineda, will not be returning for Season 3. This departure was first confirmed by TVLine.

Chandra has played the lesbian medical resident since the series’ first season and has been right in the middle of the show’s most intense moments to date.

So with Chandra’s departure, the question that remains is whose decision was it? Did Chandra want to exit or did the network decide that in order to add new cast members someone else must go? If fans will remember after Season 1 Bonnie Somerville (Dr. Christa Lorenson) and Raza Jaffrey (Dr. Neal Hudson) were not asked back for Season 2 following a restructure of the series. And now it’s Melanie Chandra who was not asked back. Given this, it would appear that the show is starting a trend and one that will either be favorable or unfavorable among fans. It could also be a potential trademark for the show. If this were the case, it would definitely be a unique concept for the show.

On the other hand, if this was Chandra’s decision then we will wonder why she left, but also wish her well.

So now that Melanie Chandra is out, the CBS medical drama is adding some new residents to Angels Memorial Hospital. Joining the group is Scream’s Tyler Perez, who is set to recur as Diego. He is described as a rich and privileged charmster who has been handed everything in his life – including his first-year residency.

Also joining for Season 3 is Nashville’s Chaley Rose who will guest star in the premiere episode as Pepper. She’s described as a smart new resident who’s smart enough to get into Angels Memorial’s residency program, but may not be equipped to deal with the intensity of the busiest ER in the nation. Terrified of making a mistake, she makes many and has much to learn. In fact, her first mistake is on her first day and nearly kills her.

So with this in mind, will Pepper be the next resident who dies? It’s a possibility considering her description specifically says she’s guest starring in only the premiere episode. If she does, it would again follow a potential pattern that the show is establishing. During the early part of Season 2 resident Dr. Charlotte Piel (Nafessa Williams) was shot and killed while treating patients in the waiting room. Again, this could be something that could be a regular aspect of the show. So will Pepper meet the same fate? Looks like we will have to watch the Season 3 premiere.

For more news related to Code Blackbe sure to visit this link. New season 3 episodes will air starting in January. (Photo: CBS.)

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