Supergirl season 3: How long should Chris Wood be sidelined?

Chris WoodIs Chris Wood gone from Supergirl? This is a question that has been asked many times over since the finale. However, at this point, we’re leaning heavily towards the notion of him coming back and making his presence known in a big way. Mon-El is a big comic-book character, and given how many fans there are of his out there, we don’t imagine that the producers would keep everyone in the dark for anywhere near this long on his status if he wasn’t returning. That’d just be torture … right?

For the sake of this piece, we’re going to assume as though Wood will be back, and with that, ask a different question: How long could he be gone? If you reintroduce the character right away, you somewhat minimize his absence. However, if you wait too long then you run the risk of angering some fans. There are some cases to be made for many different scenarios, so for the sake of this article, it makes sense to take a closer look at a few of them.

The case for a quick return – The Kara / Mon-El pairing is one of the show’s most-popular, so a reunion there could drive substantial social traffic to the show. Also, the entire DC – CW universe does have a tendency to do away with their big twists rather quickly. After all, The Flash dispatched Flashpoint after one episode, and we’re probably going to see them waste little to know time in order to bring Barry Allen back from the Speed Force at the start of season 4.

The case for two or three episodes before he’s back in National City – You want the character to be missed a little bit, and this gives the show a little bit of time to see how Kara is coping before he finds his way back. We’d love to see him return at the end of episode 3, and then you spend an episode or two after that telling the story of what happened to him while he was away. This seems to be the most reasonable solution — maybe it’s a little soon for some people who would prefer the writers be patient, but it’s a good compromise.

The case for a longer wait – This is probably the best option if you really want to show how Kara goes through without him, and also if you want to give Wood some great material as he suffers and struggles to get back to his new home. Acting-wise this is the meatiest option, but it also could cause a problem where some fans are distracted, and spend the majority of their time wondering whether or not we’re going to be seeing him again rather than watching what’s actually happening on the show itself.

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