Big Brother 19 episode 10 review: Dominique vs. Paul

Big Brother 19 episode 10Big Brother 19 episode 10 was an episode that had a little bit of everything — drama, tears, controversy, and a challenge that looked straight out of Legends of the Hidden Temple. This was an episode that did have a lot going for it, especially when it comes to Veto trash-talk.

We’re going to skip over the first fifteen or so minutes of the episode here, largely because by and large, it was boring and not all that interesting game-wise. Paul is cocky about his placement in the game, but at this point, he doesn’t have a reason to be that worried. He’s safe for the week, and his target is on her way out. The problem that he’s probably not considering enough is that she has ways to still hurt him — including the temptation.

Before getting to their fight, cheers to producers for the Veto Competition this week. This was fantastic. Kevin’s performance in it was so pathetic that it was glorious, and we don’t think anyone was that upset over how he ended up taking the money … which amounted to $27. Also hilarious. With all of his cash prizes Kevin is starting to look a little bit like the Mike Boogie of this season minus the part where he gets super-aggressive with his scheming. (Paul may actually be the love child of Kevin and Boogie, the more that we think about it.)

Jason ended up winning the Veto thanks to his ability to have great balance — for the record, this challenge was tough and we would’ve been terrible at it.

All the fallout and snake talk

This was all interesting to watch the show put it together: There was a plan by Paul to get Mark on the block as a replacement nominee, mostly to ensure that Dominique went home. That plan didn’t entirely work out, and in the end, Dominique and Jessica remained on the block moving into Thursday. Mark wasn’t down, and Dominique did her part to throw a “snake” under the bus.

If you’ve been reading the headlines over the past several days, you know that there have been PLENTY of headlines surrounding what Paul wore to the Veto Ceremony and how he wanted to present himself as a snake. We feel like the show deliberately featured Dominique many times over calling Paul a snake — whether that be to inform viewers as to why Paul was dressed the way that he was or to defuse some of the controversy that he was being racist is hard to gauge. We’ll leave that up to you for the time being, but the word “snake” was said about a BILLION times tonight. We only had a little bit of insight from Paul as to what he wanted to do this.

Oh, and at the Veto Ceremony Dominique through both Paul and Elena under the bus, as well.


This was a decent episode of Big Brother, though it was pretty darn hard for the show to completely include everything that happened from start to finish — they probably made Paul look more passive than he was, and also didn’t include nearly enough of the back and forth with Alex and Jason. Grade: B.

What do you think about tonight’s episode of Big Brother, and the way the show presented everything that happened over the past few days in the game? Share below!

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