Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Dominique’s show plan; Christmas slips (day 27, evening)

DominiqueWhile things may have started off fairly quiet in the Big Brother 19 house Tuesday, they’re started to ramp up this evening.

The first thing worth noting is that one way or another, Dominique is going to try and do one more edition of her show tomorrow night — it may be her last one, but she is doing it all the same. She told Kevin that she’d like for him to take part, but he warned her that people may not come.

We mostly appreciate Dominique trying something because she’s spent the better part of two days isolating herself and talking to the cameras and no one else. If she gets saved via the Den of Temptation, that’s awesome — however, to us, it’s even more awesome if she digs herself out of the hole without needing a twist. It’s like with Paul week 1. If he had been able to save himself without the Pendant of Protection, it would have been so much cooler.

We’ll see what happens tomorrow. Odds are she’ll get the Halting Hex if Twitter recently is any indication, but it’s not a guarantee thanks to casual voters.

As for some of the other notable things from this evening…

Christmas slips, nearly injures herself again

A greasy spot on the floor was a further reminder that almost every spot in the house is a major hazard for her, but she’s still hanging in there. (Ramses wants to blame the grease on Paul, which makes some sense given that Paul wants to blame pretty much everything on Ramses regardless of if he’s at fault for it or not.)

Matt and Mark say something!

These two guys are barely mentioned in our updates because they’re boring, but it is interesting to see where their heads are at right now. They want out after this week both Ramses and Josh, and following that, Christmas and Jessica. None of this is surprising given the people that they hang out with, but we do strongly question their thinking wanting to have Paul around for that long. Also, Alex and Kevin are super-dangerous to their games and don’t realize it, while Josh is an emotional loose cannon and not that much of a threat. Jessica’s only slightly more so, and Christmas won’t win any competitions in the near future.

Basically, what we’re saying is that the Big Brother force is not strong with these two, who may make it to the jury but cannot really claim anything else in this game. As of right now we think that Alex, Kevin, and Paul are three of the most proactive players this season — they’re not necessarily the best, but we’re still waiting for other people to show more game aptitude rather than sitting around and hanging out. The Matt/Mark/Raven/Elena contingent is pretty much a big ball of nothing.

For other feed updates…

You can check out our most-recent update from earlier in the day now over at the link here! (Photo: CBS.)

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