Shooter season 2 episode 2 promo: Bob Lee continues his search

Shooter season 2 episode 2Beyond tonight’s premiere, get ready to see Shooter season 2 episode 2 for the most part pick up where the story left off. Bob Lee is going to be looking further into the attack that you first saw back in the premiere, and things are going to be intense. This is a show with clearly zero interest in taking things slow, but you can’t be all that shocked by that if you watched season 1.

The one thing that we’re a little worried about is if Shooter fans knew the show was airing tonight thanks to it coming on the air a little bit earlier this year than in the past. We certainly hope that the viewership is there; we’re certainly going to follow along the ratings for however long the show lasts, so this is something that you really should keep watch for.

Now, let’s get to sharing more in the way of what’s going to be coming up next detail-wise. Take a look below via USA.

Shooter season 2 episode 2 synopsis – “Bob Lee investigates the terrorist attack that may have targeted his Marine unit. Memphis helps on the ground in Germany. Flashbacks to Afghanistan help shed light on who might be after them.”

Ultimately, this is a show that is going to be giving you a little bit of everything that we could want and then some. Let’s hope for some more excitement, some drama, and a few surprises by the end of the hour. The biggest thing that we know at the moment is that this is going to be a race against time; we’re not looking at a situation here where Bob Lee is trying to just recover from an ordinary terrorist attack; whoever is behind this has specific targets in mind, and odds are that they will not stop until the mission is ultimately carried out — and it doesn’t matter how many people that they end up hurting in the process. (Actually, it probably does matter to them — that’s kind of the point.)

About the promo below

This is one of those that exists more to give you a sense as to what’s coming over the entire season as opposed to just a single episode; nonetheless, there is a lot to digest from watching it. Things are going to go from bad to worse as Bob Lee tries to figure out what it is from his past that may be causing some of the problems within his present. Beyond this, you also have Julie fighting back, and there being questions aplenty as to how far these characters will go in order to protect both the people and the place that they care about so much.

This will be an intense, shocking season at times — but if you watched season 1, you’re probably prepared for that.

Is there anything that you do want to see moving into Shooter season 2 episode 2? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

Also, head over here in the event you do want some additional news and insight now when it comes to the show. (Photo: USA.)


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