The Fosters season 5 episode 2 review: Brandon, Grace, Jesus, and trouble

Fosters season 5 episode 2 reviewFollowing a season 5 premiere where it felt like there was an almost constant sort of danger, it was nice for The Fosters Tuesday night to be more low-stakes. There was still drama and the threat of some serious stuff happening, but in comparison to the past, things weren’t nearly so bad.

Take, for example, much of the focal point of the drama from the Anchor Beach side of things. It’s still unclear if Lena is going to be able to use her Monte loophole in order to stop the school from going private, but we did realize that life is going to be so much harder for everyone in Anchor Beach who is trying to maintain a sense of overall normalcy. That’s what happens when you are told that there is funding being stripped for no senior projects, and also that the school paper is being stripped of its power.

This is certainly an effective storyline for the show at the school because it is getting political without making things overtly so. You have someone seizing power and is now trying to limit the freedom of the press; sure, there are ways in which this situation is a stretch, but there are also some other ways in which it’s not. Therefore, you have to take some of what is being said here with the school seriously. If the students and Lena don’t act back, their voices could be silenced.

We know already that the decision by the school to strip project funding already has put Lena and Stef in a pickle when it comes to Jesus. They now have to rely on his for some of his resources, which is not something that they previously wanted to do given that there are questions over his authority, and whether or not he is even the right person to be getting close to Lena and Stef. After all, you do run somewhat of a risk with him that the more that you let him in Jesus’ life, the more that you take away some of your own power over the child. Having that authority can be a good thing, especially since Gabe is new to Jesus’ life and they don’t want to see him get hurt.

In the end, Jesus now seems intent on working with Emma more on this project — it isn’t really meant to be a slam against her, but she may take it personally nonetheless.

Callie moves on

What was very effectively about the way that the writers told her story this week is that they showcased some of her great insecurities in a way that made sense, while also not allowing them to define her. When she had a chance to get into a prestigious art school seemingly out of the blue, she at first freaked out at the thought of Robert Quinn paying her way in there. As it turns out, however, he did nothing of the sort and instead, her enrollment was more of a product of her own story and determination — Robert just guided the school along the way to realizing these things. That’s just not something that she was able to see or detect at the time.

Hopefully, Callie will see this as a further sign that she can trust her biological father that he is not trying to just get himself overly involved in every aspect of her life.

Finally, the story of Brandon and Grace

As it turns out, Brandon does have a new love interest in his life, even if he was a little to naive in order to see it at first. She called him over trying to seduce him, but then it went completely over his head at first. The reason for this story’s effectiveness is mostly due to the fact that he is trying so hard in order to have pride in himself after the whole Julliuard debacle, and as a result of that, he doesn’t see the forest through the trees here that she is interested in him. He doesn’t think that he’s worthy. Showing male insecurity is something that many shows out there struggle at, and it’s great to see The Fosters rise to the occasion and the challenge.

Our overall take

This was a very good second episode of The Fosters, whether it be the development of new relationships or the fact that Stef and one of her neighbors has a little more of a history than she first realized. There was a lot of good stuff content-wise in here from start to finish, and any longtime fan of the series should be satisfied with the end result. Grade: B+.

What’s next?

Be sure to head over to the link here in the event you do want to preview further what is coming on The Fosters this season. (Photo: Freeform.)

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