Ink Master season 9 episode 7 preview: Who’s fighting with the judges?

Ink Master season 9 episode 7Ink Master season 9 episode 7 is airing on Spike in just one week’s time, and all early indications suggest this one will be one for the books.

Tonight, the majority of that tattoos that we saw received some rather generous praise from the judges. Next week, that may not be the case. Boneface is already feeling as though his latest tattoo with Hobo Ink is not up to snuff, and apparently, we’re going to see Artistic Skin Design (specifically, April) get into it with Chris Nunez during the tattoo critique. Arguments with the judges are fairly common, mostly because you should be passionate about what you’re doing in the event you are a part of the show. The larger test is for the most part what you choose to do with some of that passion after the fact.

We should also point out that the preview for the next episode focused more tension between Dean and April over the design of their tattoo than we’ve seen from them most of the season. By and large, they’ve been on the same page.

So who’s going to be coming back for this episode? Given that we hear Dave Navarro mention them as a season 7 finalist, odds are that we’re getting either Christian Buckingham or Cleen Rock One re-entering the contest at this point. Both are really good artists, and both are people who bring a lot to the table. The only thing that we wonder is if there’s anything exciting about either one of them winning given that they weren’t around for so much of the season. We’d much rather see someone take it who’s been there for the entire time. Allegory Arts, for example, is starting to find their place. Meanwhile, Pinz and Needlez are super-likable and don’t seem to ever cause any problems. Old Town Ink have been around most of the season, and absolutely feel deserving thanks to some of the work that they’ve done.

What about Classic Trilogy Tattoo? Well, we know that this episode is going to be make-it-or-break-it for them. they realize that the majority of their work has been the same thing, so they view this episode as a chance to put up or shut up. Hopefully, they are going to choose the former, since we want these guys to be as good as we think that they could be. They’re great in their style, but they need to advance outside of that more if they do want a shot at winning the competition. There is still enough time left in the season for anyone to turn things around, step it up, and be declared the winner in the end.

Who are you rooting for to win?

Share your thoughts on that subject right now in the comments! We’ll, of course, be back with more Ink Master coverage soon, and you can head over here to get some more news while you wait, including a full review for Tuesday night’s new episode of the show. (Photo: Spike.)

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