Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Josh’s new meltdown (day 27, late-night)

Josh's new meltdownWhat’s so interesting about Tuesday in the Big Brother 19 house is that it somehow managed to be incredibly eventful and uneventful somehow at the same exact time. We’re not sure how they pulled that off, but somehow, they have.

Earlier today, we saw Josh lose his cool in the midst of having Mark throw pickle juice and hot sauce at him — it’s a long and very ridiculous story, but one that you can read a little bit more about over at the link here. For the sake of this story, we’re talking more about the new Josh meltdown, which really stemmed late tonight from some accusations that came earlier in the game: That he was apparently a perv peering in on women in the show. These were comments that were started in part by Raven, but if you go back you’ll see that she wasn’t the only person who said something at one point.

Is any of this true? The only thing that we can say is that there is no video evidence from the feeds, and Josh seemed very upset tonight when Dominique told him some of what had been said in the past. He insisted that this is not him, and it led to him crying about it. She comforted him, and this is the sort of thing that Dominique does need to do if she wants to stick around one more week. she has to go to people and try to appeal to them emotionally. She knows, for example, that Josh is a fairly sensitive person and would be susceptible to this sort of conversation. If she can appeal to enough people individually, maybe she has a small chance.

Unfortunately for her, she’s facing off against the most improved person of the season at the moment in Jessica, who’s being social and actually making a genuine effort to integrate herself into the house once more. This is certainly not something that we were seeing from her previously.

We’re not really in a position to judge the truths of some of the claims out there against Josh, but what we can say is that he’s far from a great player — he melts down far too often and is far too emotionally vulnerable at the same time. Of course, he’s also far from the only person with questionable odds of winning the game at the moment — Mark’s also too emotional, Matt is a ghost, and Raven seems to have an issue with someone getting more attention to her for medical problems.

With this, we wrap up a day of controversy that began with Paul’s Veto Ceremony outfit and ends with Josh getting incredibly upset for the second time this season.

Of course, be sure to come back tomorrow at this link for some further news and updates related to the game. (Photo: CBS.)

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