Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Veto Ceremony; Paul fallout (day 27, morning)

Veto CeremonyThere have been many dramatic Veto Ceremonies in Big Brother over the years, but this morning had explosive potential. Unfortunately, we’re not even talking about the kind that could make headlines for all of the wrong reasons.

Some of Paul’s comments about his plans for the ceremony, including his “snake costume,” have gone viral with TMZ and others picking up the story. There’s not too much more that needs to be said about this that isn’t already out there — it’s terrible that he thought about it, let alone if he actually does it. It doesn’t really matter what his intent was or if he correlated what he was thinking about to prejudice; he’s been on the show before and understands. (He’s certainly mentioned that enough.)

We’re going to spend most of this article talking more about the game ramifications, given that the plan entering the ceremony teetered back and forth. Jason talked about using it and Mark going up, just as he also talked about keeping nominations the same.

Here’s the biggest issue of all for Paul: His comments have led to an even further movement to give Dominique the temptation, just to see the look on his face when it happens. We’ll see what happens a little later in the week with that — it could be revealed on Wednesday, but that’s only if the winner of it says anything.

The aftermath

The feeds came back on at around 12:15 p.m. Big Brother Time, and the results were official — Jason did not use the Veto, which spared Mark from going on the block.

As for Paul, he applied a little bit of black “snake makeup” to his face, but that is all he really seemed to do other than making some snake sounds — a far cry from what was expected. Apparently, Dominique also made a speech that seemed to make people think that she was going after Elena more so than Paul. We don’t like the way that Dominique is being treated at all this week, but she had made things a heck of a lot worse for herself this week with some of her game decisions.

Still, we do think that Jason bailed her out big-time since not everyone likes Jessica, and with that, there’s a chance Dominique flips the vote even without the temptation. (We should give kudos for a minute to Jessica, though, for reintegrating in the game this week and doing a good job not ruffling further feathers.) Things are already fairly quiet in the house again, other than a brief but tense conversation where Dominique told Alex that she would get stabbed in the back.

Want some further information on the Big Brother feeds?

Then be sure to head over to the link here! We will be back later with some more insight on this evening’s happenings in the house. (Photo: CBS.)

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