Ink Master interview: Made Rich, DTatStar of Think Before You Ink

Think Before You InkThere were few people on Ink Master season 9 anywhere near as entertaining as Richard “Made Rich” Parker and Derrick “DTatStar” Verley of Think Before You Ink. The two guys were constant targets the whole time they were in the competition, and they weren’t afraid to fight back against said competition, either. There were arguments aplenty, but in the end, it was the judges who eliminated them on this past episode. (We’re already wondering how the rest of the season will be anywhere near as great without them.)

In our exclusive exit interview below, you can see some of what Made Rich and DTat had to say about their journey this season, including why they were targets and why they couldn’t get an alliance going with the veterans.

CarterMatt – When you both came into the competition, did you think that you would become such a big target so soon?

Made Rich – I’m not sure what Dtat was thinking but I already knew I wasn’t walking in the house to make friends, my focus was on the challengers and the judges, no one else mattered to me. That mistake, though, was the downfall when dealing with the juror of peers.

How did you feel about your elimination and who do you think should’ve went home?

Made Rich – Hands down Artistic Skin design should’ve gone home off of that challenge. They had a complete tattoo that had not a damn thing positive going for it. I’m pissed that we got eliminated because as far as the challenger goes we didn’t deserve to but I’m much more at ease with how I left this time than on season 3.

DTatStar – I wasn’t ready to go home but the house made sure we stayed at the bottom. No matter what we did we were always voted at the bottom. Other teams did not finish their tattoos, some did not hit the objective. Some canvas left we were still voted down. It got tiring.

Why do you think some of the other veterans were so resistant when it came to making an alliance?

Made Rich – I think the other veterans were resistant because everyone came in with their own game plan. Every vet that came into the house while I was there had at least one alpha so as far alliances I didn’t see it happening but I was hopeful. I already knew the rookies were in there to keep us out.

DTat – They obviously felt a way about Made Rich, but most of the teams had reservations about their own partners.

Do either one of you want to come back to do the show individually?

Made Rich – Come back, ehh it depends on what the plot twist is lol. It’s weird because I’m such a team player in life but as far as team tattooing, it wasn’t for me.

DTat – I think about it often … I might, we will see. Ink Master really opens doors for artists.

Made Rich, what was the biggest difference for you this time versus the last time you were on the show?

Made Rich – The biggest difference this time was that I walked into the competition knowing what to expect, for the most part. I knew how I wanted to move and I executed it to my liking. It wasn’t the best move for the competition but at least I was able to leave this time with my mind at ease and no regrets.

Has being on the show brought some more attention to the shop?

Made Rich – Yes. Any time you’re on a televised broadcast people are watching, for good or bad. Being able to have your shop tied into a credible show such as Ink Master is a blessing and will only continue to help our business grow.

DTat – Being on the show has definitely brought more attention to the shop. It was cool and people are very proud of me doing the show despite the outcome.

How can people make an appointment with the two of you to get tattooed?

Made Rich – Easy! All tattoo inquiries, art projects, interviews, television appearances, and donations can come to [email protected]

DTat – Call the shop at 718 558 3933 or email me [email protected]

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