Power season 4 episode 5 spoilers: What’s next with Tommy, Protctor?

ProctorThere were many huge moments that happened on Power season 4 episode 4 Sunday night, but one of the biggest ones involved Tommy and Proctor. Basically, Tommy chose to kill Bailey within Proctor’s apartment, and with the two parties both aware of what transpired, there is this complicit nature to their relationship now. Joe knows where some of the bodies are buried — or at least where one dropped on the floor. This knowledge is going to make it so much more difficult for him to step away from some of the chaos. He may not be formally on Ghost’s case anymore (at least right now), but he’s going to be very much involved.

So in the aftermath of what happened here, where is the Joe – Tommy relationship? We shared some thoughts last night from executive producer Courtney Kemp, and here, we’ve got some more commentary from Joseph Sikora on the subject. Just take a look at what he had to say below via Entertainment Weekly:

“In his mind, I think this extends his ability to trust Proctor now that he’s bound from  this action to him. And in some ways, Tommy feels like Proctor now belongs to him more. Because he kept saying, ‘You’re Ghost’s attorney.’ It’s kind of the idea of Tommy peeing on Proctor to claim him through this murder. And he wipes the blood on him and it’s very symbolic as a blood bonding. ‘The blood is now on your hands too.'”

Basically, there is no real escape from this situation now for Proctor, even if he wants there to be one. He’s going to have to accept that as a fact and try to move things along to see where things stand in the future with both himself and with Tommy. He’s not going to step away from Ghost’s case entirely, and he’ll have to watch over Tommy at the same time.

If there is a big winner to this storyline at the moment, it’s clearly Jerry Ferrera. The former Entourage star is clearly having his best season on the show to date and has a great opportunity to showcase a lot of different layers to who this guy is. He’ll fight hard for his clients — he’s certainly far from the most ethical of attorneys out there, but his clients are not exactly all that ethical either. Depending on what crime you’ve been accused of, he may very well be the best person for the gig.

On Sunday, we’ll see the immediate aftermath of what happened here, as well as with a few other big moments of season 4 episode 4. After all, Angela knows more about Ghost and the fun than ever before, and she may pursue a new way of thinking with that in mind.

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