Game of Thrones series finale: Maisie Williams’ crazy-cool idea for ending

Maisie WilliamsLet’s face it: The Game of Thrones series finale is not going to be airing on HBO until next year at the earliest, and it could be later depending on when production for the final six episodes begins. There’s going to be an epic showdown for the Iron Throne one way or another, and rest assured that we’re very much interested in learning who sits on it at the end of the series and how we get to that point.

Now that we’ve said that, is it possible that the final Iron Throne reveal ends up being far different than we’d assume that it would be on the surface? Certainly so, at least based on how this show loves to surprise us. The ending may not be as happy as we hope; or, it could be a complete shock in its construction + whatever big reveal they give us at the end.

Speaking on the matter to Entertainment Weekly, the woman behind Arya Stark in Maisie Williams certainly has her own great idea for how the show wraps up — and it’s something that feels like a modified version of what we saw in the opening minutes of last night’s episode:

“I’ve always had this fantasy in the back of my head — I don’t think it’s a good ending and fans might not like it — but that somebody would sit on the Iron Throne at the end and then they whip their face off and it’s Arya instead … I’ve always had that dream.”

As you saw if you watched that episode, Arya managed to wear the face of Walder Frey long enough in order to effectively destroy the Twins from within — she had already killed Walder, and now, she’s shown just what sort of power that she has thanks to what she learned over at The House of Black and White. After all, it seems as though going to Braavos wasn’t quite the mistake that it appeared at one point! She’s now reset the board in Westeros, and severely hampered anything that Cersei is going to do in King’s Landing. She already rejected a marriage proposal from Euron Greyjoy, but she may soon realize that if she wants the necessary soldiers, she may not have a choice but to agree to his offer. He provides a Navy that King’s Landing simply does not have.

Could this ending actually happen?

Probably not — Game of Thrones isn’t a show that loves to repeat itself, and doing this ending would just be them basically trying out a different form of something that they’ve already put out there into the universe. Plus, having a more straightforward ruler of Westeros at the end of the story is what makes the most sense to us.

What do you think the Game of Thrones series finale ending should be?

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