America’s Got Talent video: Eric Jones ups his game to impress Simon Cowell

Eric JonesAmerica’s Got Talent is at the moment in the midst of its magic phase — there are a ton of great magic acts at the moment, including Eric Jones.

In the video below, Jones is going to attempt to do what he was hoping to with his first audition, and that is really winning over Simon Cowell, who was cagey on him at first. What he does here is, in a word, awesome. The best thing about it is how he uses the show’s set to his advantage in order to create an interesting, crazy moment.

Let’s be honest — we’ve all seen the card trick at some point in the past where the magic act goes up on stage, gets a judge to sign their name on a card, and then has said card turn up somewhere else. There’s not anything altogether new or innovative about that. However, there is something rather interesting about the way that Jones chooses to hide it in a buzzer of all places — if there’s a way to ensure that you get a buzzer and somehow still impress, this is most likely it. He gets instant praise just from facial reactions alone, while retrieving the card for guest judge Chris Hardwick.

Note in advance that there may be even more freaking out on our part than there typically is, if for no other reason than that Hardwick is one of our favorite people working. He’s funny, he’s got a ton of energy, and we know that he’s going to bring a lot to the table on the show this week. We’ve also seen in another video (see below) how he presses the Golden Buzzer, and it’s amazing — screaming “you are the chosen one” before smashing it. We don’t know who that’s for, but we hope that it’s someone interesting who needs that extra opportunity to stand out.

Oh, and we also know that there’s something super-fun that is going to come out of Hardwick judging the dancing pumpkin man, who he dubs an “internet meme legend” — this is the benefit of having Chris on the show this week. He’s tapped into what’s actually happening online in a way that none of the other judges are. He’ll understand what’s a great act in terms of what the people online will love.

What do you think about Eric Jones’ innovation on a classic trick, and is this enough to get him into the live shows? Share below!

Meanwhile, head over to the link here in the event you do want to get some additional previews now for Tuesday’s episode or to read our full exclusive interview with comedian Harrison Greenbaum. (Photo: NBC.)


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