Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: The problem with Paul (day 26, evening)

Big BrotherThere is strange phenomenon that exists within Big Brother on a fairly regular basis. One of the biggest ones comes via Paul. Early on season 18, people hated him; then, they liked him; then, they hated him; then, they liked him again. He was a huge character, but the defining principle with him was that when he had Victor and he was an underdog, he was great. Otherwise, he would get too cocky and aggressive with people. He knows that he’s big and brash, and after what happened last season with his popularity, he’s on another level now.

This brings us to where we are right now. Paul’s had one of his worst weeks in the game ever this week, with so much of it coming via his arrogance, need for control, and his desire to make big TV moments that are going to rub everyone the wrong way.

Take, for a prime example, him deciding tonight that he wants to dress up like a snake for the Veto Ceremony as a way of mocking the claims of him that are out there. What’s that going to do? This is a guy coming off of having three weeks of safety, and as a result of that he should be laying low and making it seem to other people like he’s not around. Instead, he’s finding a way for everyone to explode all over him. If Dominique gets the Halting Hex and wins Head of Household, he’s screwed. It’s one thing to target her, and it’s another to rub it in her face. We don’t think that she’s played a good game by any means, but there are limitations to what he should be doing. (There are also many other reasons why the snake costume for Paul is a terrible idea — just turn to Twitter for some of those / how it could wreck his life outside of the house.)

Let’s say that this plan works and Dominique is evicted. What has Paul accomplished then? Well, he got out the target that he wanted, but Dominique will burn his game to the ground on the way out and there will probably be many people coming for him. He’s not safe anymore, he’s a veteran, and nobody wants to feel like someone’s out to make them look stupid. If Paul does that, they’ll want him gone; if he somehow makes it to the end, that’s the sort of thing that causes really good players to lose there. The way that he handled some people last season is one of the reasons why he didn’t win, and we say that as someone who was rooting for him over Nicole. If he had read people like Da’Vonne better and what she needed from him, maybe he could’ve had her vote.

How quickly do you think Paul is being targeted after this week? Share in the comments!

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