Big Brother 19 episode 9 review: Alex’s reign; Christmas’ recovery

Big Brother 19 episode 9Tonight, Big Brother 19 had a lot of content to cram in, mostly because there was a Head of household Competition to focus on to go along with nominations.

There isn’t anything that was that interesting from a competition standpoint — Alex won, just as we anticipated her doing going into it. She’s just built incredibly well for this give that she’s small, feisty, and super-competitive. Kudos to Jason, though, who did far better than we imagined a guy his side would be.

Entertainment-wise, there was something rather amusing/creepy about Ghost Cody showing up and offering a little bit of advice to Jessica in the midst of her competing. Also, why in the world would Elena seriously think that Alex would honor a deal to keep more than half of the house safe? That’s just crazy talk, and that’s hard to even think about.

As soon as Alex won, she then, of course, got to see a taste of power — which meant everyone coming to her with all sorts of plans. Paul tried to use immediately some of the information Cody gave him as ammunition, including that Mark and Dominique were in on what happened back during the first week. Not actually the case, but it gave Paul an easy target who’s not all that close to him. He convinced Alex to nominate Dominique, and she still wanted to nominate Jessica for some reason. Why do this? We still don’t get this.

Injuries and hardships

This was actually a big theme for a good chunk of this episode. For the first time on the air show, we got a good sense of what Raven’s story is and what she’s gone through. Beyond that, Christmas returned in this episode following her surgery, and the show gave an accurate retelling of everything that she went through. She’s a trooper, and we give her a ton of credit for fighting through this. We do wish the show go in there the segment of Jason feeling terrible about it, and the conversation that they had. tHis added so much more depth to the proceedings.

The nominations

Like we said, predictable: Alex put up Dominique and Jessica and was motivated further by her throwing Elena willingly under the bus. The ceremony was simple, as was much of the episode. While it was good to get some more personal insight from the houseguests, as a whole this was one of the most boring hours we’ve seen this season. It’s still Big Brother and therefore it’s good; it just wasn’t sensational. Grade: B-.

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