Law & Order: SVU season 19: More Benson / Barba scenes and more

Benson / BarbaWith Law & Order: SVU production underway this month, there’s obvious quite a bit to be excited about. You’ve got new cases, more great performances, and hopefully opportunities to see some characters working together.

With that, let’s go ahead and express some excitement over the chance to see a larger presences of Benson / Barba in the months to come. They’re one of the show’s most dynamic duos — Benson brings some of the accused to Barba, and he finds a way to ensure that they stay behind bars. They don’t always agree, but that’s in part one of the reasons why they are great together. All partnerships should have a push and pull, rather than being simply two people in constant agreement. That’s just not great television; people can have similar goals, but different ways in which they want to get there in the end.

Here’s our proof that Benson and Barba will be spending plenty of time together in season 19 — a new post on Twitter from executive producer Julie Martin! She comments that they are “writing plenty of Barba/Benson scenes,” which is enough to get us excited.

We know that there are plenty of “Barson” ‘shippers out there — we can’t proclaim if there is a future there or not, but we’re of two minds. Showing male / female friendship without romantic attachment is important for TV shows, but we’re also going to deny that there is some chemistry that could work there.

As for some other Barba-related scoop, Martin also teased that there are some more scenes coming up for him and Carisi, ones that could feature a slight shift in their dynamic. What that means remains to be seen, but we’re certainly down for it since it could mean Peter Scanavino being more involved with all aspects of what’s going on with some of these cases. If this ultimately means more opportunities for Carisi to have push-and-pull with Barbara similar to Benson, why not celebrate that?

There are a few more things to tease from Martin — she’s open to a Cassidy return, and would also welcome getting Elizabeth Marvel back at some point. That’s a little bit more challenging just because of her busy schedule, as she is playing President Keane over on Homeland.

Finally, Martin said the following as to what’s coming with Benson and Rollins — if you love the two of them and the relationship that they have, you’ll probably love what comes next for them. They’re on of televisions most supportive friendships, even if Benson has to work as her boss at the same time.

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Remember that new episodes are starting up this fall, and we will have some further news on the series to share before that time. (Photo: NBC.)

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