Will a Friends from College season 2 happen over on Netflix?

Is it possible that a Friends from College season 2 could happen following the show’s recent release? It’s certainly something to consider.

On paper, it is clear that there is quite a bit to like about the show, starting with the cast: Fred Savage, Keegan Michael-Key, Cobie Smulders, Nat Faxon, and so many others. This was a show that felt like it had all of the potential in the world to be one of the next great things taking the comedy world by storm.

So … what in the world happened to cause things to go in another direction? While the show is subjective, the critical reception to the series was lukewarm at best, and the general sentiment is that there are probably too many unlikable characters on the show. You want to have people to root for, and there may not be enough when you look across the board with this show. Some shows like Veep can get away with that, but you have to be extremely biting and satirical in the process.

Even with the reception being what it is at the moment, we don’t think that this necessarily negates the chance that we do end up seeing more of Friends from College in the future. One of the biggest things that you do need to remember in the end here is that Netflix cares more about viewership than anything, and how many people are checking out their programming over a lengthy period of time. If that is something that does end up happening, who knows? Maybe we do end up getting a second season at some point down the road.

No matter what happens, the biggest thing that we’d advise here is patience. Sometimes, it does take Netflix a little bit of time to determine the fate of some of their shows, and they like to see some more of the numbers come in over that long period of time before figuring out what to do. In this case, we also figure that a key part of the equation is going to be figuring out if everyone involved wants to be a part of the new season, as well.

What do you think: Should a second season of Friends from College happen? Be sure to share some of your thoughts in the comments below!

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