Still Star-Crossed episode 6 spoilers: The last before series finale

Still Star-Crossed episode 6What is coming on Still Star-Crossed episode 6? Well, right out of the gate one of the biggest things you can expect is chaos … plenty of chaos. We’re near the end of the show’s run, which means that the writers are going to go all out to create some insanity. The fued between the two houses, Montague and Capulet, will be worse than it’s ever been. Just in case this was not enough for you to leave you shaking in your boots, there’s also this: Rosaline is in grave danger, and possibly at the mercy of someone else.

The title for next week’s installment (which is of course inspired by Shakespeare himself) is “Hell is Empty and All the Devils Are Here.” That’s a line from The Tempest. Take a look at some further details below as per what’s coming, courtesy of ABC.

Still Star-Crossed episode 6 synopsis – “An argument between Lord Montague and Lord Capulet leads to a senseless act of violence that makes tensions between the two houses run dangerously high. Meanwhile, Rosaline finds herself in a compromising situation when her fate is in the hands of an unsuspecting person.”

One of the things that we do very much wonder is why in the world ABC, in some of their press materials, is referring to the final episode as a “season finale” when it was not even being billed as a show that could have a second season. It’s been known that this is an “event series” for a while, and the nail was further driven in by the fact that it’s now airing in the Saturday death slow in the summer, after it was given a burn-off spot in the summer in the first place. (We did briefly have hope that it could succeed after The Bachelorette, but the shows adhere to very different crowds.)

Want to take a look beyond this episode for a moment? Well, check out some of the first details from the finale airing alter this month. Its title, first and foremost, is “Something Wicked This Way Comes.” For those wondering, that’s a quote from Macbeth, though in recent years it is more well-known as the title of a Ray Bradbury book that eventually became a feature film.

Here is the finale synopsis:

“When Rosaline returns to Verona and tries to prove Benvolio’s innocence, Paris decides to take matters into his own hands. Meanwhile, Lady Capulet’s relationship with Paris comes to a head, and a shocking discovery about Lord Montague’s past is revealed.”

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Meanwhile, head over to the link here in the event you do want to get some further news right now when it comes to the series, including its most-recent ratings. (Photo: ABC.)

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