After Longmire season 6, should a Longmire movie be in the cards?

Longmire movieWe’ve promised for a while to talk about a possible Longmire movie, and with season 6 now wrapped, what better time than now?

The first thing to talk about here is the origin of the demand: The fans. With the news that the show is ending on Netflix, of course there is already a demand to revisit the property down the road. Longmire fans are insatiable when it comes to the story, and for good reason — it’s fantastic, well-written, and it has an earthy quality to it that is rarely seen on other series that are out there. It feels more like you are watching real stories and people than almost any other show out there. It harkens back to a very different time.

Also, there is a timeless quality to Walt Longmire in that there are, more than likely, many other stories that can still be told with the character provided that he still has his badge at the end of the series. (Hey, nothing is assured, and technically, we suppose he could still do work without one.) There is also a precedent of some crime shows out there continuing in the form of movies here and there after the show comes to an end. It’s happening right now to Psych, one of our favorite shows of all time — why not have it happen with Longmire?

There are already movements out there happening to get a movie made — just look, for example, at what the fine folks at the Longmire Posse Twitter are doing. Without them, we may not have a season 6, so you have to take their Twitter trends seriously! (We do love the fact that their suggested hashtag below, making it plural rather than singular.)

Is there discussion about such a thing happening?

Maybe in terms of people wanting it, sure, and we’re sure that certain cast members would be down. Making a movie is just complicated, and far too difficult to predict given that the right people have to be available and you have to find people willing to find it. There’s no telling at this point if Netflix would be interested, and if they are not, the show would have to look for a home somewhere else and that could be a process of its own. Crowdfunding remains an option for the show just as it has for many others, but we treat this as more of a last resort, given that asking fans for money, while feasible at times, is something that is harder to do when they’ve put so much time and money into supporting it already.

The biggest thing that we all need for a Longmire movie to happen is patience. We can definitely see it happening, but probably not for a little while since everyone will have other projects and we’re sure that they will be in demand for many of them. The convenient thing about the timing for the end of filming is that in the event that the cast want to hop onto other fall network shows, they may have some opportunities, even if it’s just for recurring roles or recastings at the moment.

Of course, once there is more known about a possible movie / if it could happen, we will let you know. For now, you can vote in our poll below!

Meanwhile, head over here to get some other news and updates right now when it comes to Longmire and our hopes for its future. (Photo: Netflix.)


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