The Bachelorette spoilers: Peter Kraus – Rachel Lindsay hometown date details

Peter KrausThe relationship between Peter Kraus and fans of The Bachelorette is a super-interesting one. It may be the strangest one we’ve seen in a while. People root for him and want to see him happy; however, there are also a contingent of people who want to see him become the next Bachelor. In order to do that, Rachel Lindsay needs to dump him.

Basically, the idea of rooting for his future on ABC requires you to root for him getting his heart smashed. That’s difficult. Monday’s new episode is the most important one of the entire season for the Peter – Rachel relationship, given that you’re going to see the hometown date where she meets his family. Take a look below for some further details:

“The bustling city of Madison, Wisconsin, which is Peter’s home, is Rachel’s next stop. He can’t wait to introduce Rachel to his friends and his welcoming family. However, Peter still has some emotional walls up, and the Bachelorette’s revealing talk with his mother makes her unsure of what to expect from her sensitive suitor.”

There are several interesting connections, for those curious, between Rachel and the state of Wisconsin. She went to law school in Marquette in Milwaukee, and recent Bachelor Nick Viall also hails from the state. Given that she has spent some time there, it may be easier for her to imagine herself there in the city than almost anywhere else.

In the end, the most interesting thing about this date is that in the event that Peter becomes The Bachelor, we can already predict that his story will be of the guy who kept up walls and didn’t open himself enough to other people. We’ve seen it on both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, and it’s a super-familiar well that the show likes to jump into. It’s also one that is easy to show on television, given that in some of those most-intimate moments, the show can create some sort of great environment where the metaphorical sky clears and they can play this booming, hopeful, and super over-the-top music signaling that true love has been found.

Once more, though, we backtrack and remind ourselves that we don’t want to see Peter heartbroken … but we want him as the Bachelor, and we think that if he doesn’t end up with Rachel, he’s a lock to get it. It’s a difficult struggle that way.

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