Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Late-night Veto players (day 24)

Delusions of grandeurYou can go ahead and consider this to be one of the biggest Big Brother 19 surprises of the day: A late-night Veto is upon us!

The show engaged in a little bit of trickery on Friday, switching up their schedule. Big Brother: After Dark is a repeat, and instead, everyone in the house is competing right now for a chance to win the coveted PoV for what should prove to be a very interesting week. Alex, if you missed it, is Head of Household, and earlier tonight she chose to put up Jessica and Dominique on the block. We don’t think that anything is for certain set in stone right now, so the future of this week is heavily dictated on what happens here. Christmas, for now, seems to be a possible replacement target.

Ironically, Christmas is one of the people playing in the Veto … at least technically. It’s not clear if this will be something that she will be cleared to take part in, but she’s got a chance. Joining Christmas, Alex, Jessica, and Dominique today are Jason and Kevin. Paul is the host.

Of this group, it’s going to be a total toss-up to see who wins. If it’s physical, then you have to think that Alex, Jessica, Dominique, or Jason has the edge. Alex has been the most competitive person of the group so far, so it’s easiest to bank on her amidst the rest of the field. Jason has incentive to win given that he’s super-close to Alex. Meanwhile, Kevin has zero incentive at all since he’s trying to be in good with everyone and doesn’t need any sort of blood on his hands.

If it’s a night competition, we think it probably won’t be that physical. There’s probably some sort of memory / strategic component to it, which could level the playing field even further since so many of these people are untested in that department. Remember, though, that Alex was pretty bad in this past Veto, which did require a degree of memory skills.

For the sake of drama, it’d be interesting to see either Dominique or Jessica win it — we like Dom more of the two, but we’re here mostly for entertainment and whoever goes home will get a chance at coming back into the house, anyway.

Check back later, and before you go…

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