Poldark season 3 episode 6 will show surprising toe scene

toe sceneThere are odd scenes in Poldarkand then there are scenes involving the Reverend Whitworth and toe-sucking. It’s an odd thing to think about, but let’s face it: This is a very strange man, and certainly not someone we are meant to be rooting for.

There’s a reason that we are talking about the toe scene with such significance — it was meant to be a part of the original series, just like it was a part of the books. According to the Express, there was originally going to be a moment with Whitworth sucking on a woman’s toe at a brothel, while he waited for the news as to whether or not he would be marrying his “intended” in Morwenna. However, this was cut from the original series. In speaking on the matter per the Daily Star, the original series actor behind the role in Christopher Biggins had the following to say:

“When the head of the BBC saw it, he said, ‘There’s no way I can put that scene out on a Sunday night after Dad’s Army.’”

Christian Brassington is playing the role now, and he’s already shown just how despicable he can be. He’s perverse, and he cares seemingly about Morwenna only as a source for his own control. It’s a role that Brassington has played well, even if he is so inherently unlikable. (We’ve already reported about how the actor put on a lot of weight and altered his appearance just for the sake of taking the part on.)

All in all, signs point towards this scene airing on BBC One Sunday night.

Will this scene be a big deal?

If there is one thing that we do believe with confidence at the moment, it’s this: Nobody’s going to be freaking out over a toe scene anymore. It may certainly be gross to some, but there are far freakier things that are out there on television in 2017 — and we’re not even talking about hardcore stuff like what’s happening over on Game of Thrones.

Also, remember that this probably won’t be anywhere near as controversial as what we saw previously with Poldark last season with Ross and Elizabeth. The issues that were at play there blow toe-sucking out of the water.

In the end, groan when the scene happens, but then you can probably move on to everything else quickly given that it’s just a small part of a larger story.

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